All Things Real Estate: What I learned, experienced at convention in S.F.

Philip A Raices
Credit to The National Association of Realtors

I just returned from my yearly convention of the National Association of Realtors in San Francisco, where 25,000 Realtors converge to learn, absorb and apply what they have learned and network among one another to further their businesses and their return on their investment.

Brokers and agents from around the globe came to meet one another as we do each and every year and to rekindle and further relationships that have grown into an amazing source of referrals in and out of the U.S.

However, not surprisingly, there were so many more new faces to establish connections with and develop the rapport and relationships that are so desperately needed within our industry to expand and scale our businesses to new heights and to become more profitable as any smart Broker and agent should strive for every day!

I do not know how many brokers and agents showed up from Long Island, except those that are on my global and a few other committees that I contribute my time and efforts to; but our showing was not what it should have been.

There were many more from other states, like California, Texas, Florida, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, North Dakota, Nevada, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam, British West Indies, France, Japan, Indonesia, France, Spain, Italy and so many more.

I believe there were thousands more agents from other countries than in 2018, that had not only the passion to perform their businesses on a top-notch level and to service their clientele without any regard or thoughts of focusing primarily on the money to be made; but first to realize it’s about the client’s “needs and wants” and finding their first home, “move up” dream home, commercial sale or lease or even a basic rental or relocation!

A typical agent many times focuses on the commission and how much money they can make and might just dwell on this way too much and not enough on the consumer who they are serving and who will be paying them, not only directly on a rental but indirectly when purchasing; for their purchase is where our commission is derived from and not the seller!

Although we do eventually get remunerated by the seller, where do you think our fee comes from, you the buyer! So whether you are a listing agent, representing the seller, a buyer’s agent, representing the buyer or a dual agent representing both, (but not each exclusively), one must understand the importance of the entire transaction and why it’s so critical to make sure all the parties are extremely satisfied with your service, not only the seller, but the purchaser, where, as I just mentioned, our fees are indirectly coming from. The agents want reviews and testimonials, then they must truly earn them by providing their expertise and knowledge by plying their trade to all parties, regardless of who you might be representing, so the impression you will leave behind, is that you did an exemplary professional job in making the sale or rental end on a positive note, instead of the disasters and sad outcomes of what I have experienced and observed with other agents and also have been told. The closing or lease signing should be the most exhilarating and happy time for all if you do your business correctly!

Stress and poor communication should never enter into the picture if handled in the proper fashion.

It’s never been about us (although some act that way and become way too self-centered, self-absorbed, narcissistic and try to ingratiate themselves in a phony way to make a deal), or think that their, “you know what,” doesn’t stink; but to always be cognizant about who we work for, the public. We serve them and always must regard them in the highest esteem, and allow us to earn their trust and credibility as long as we do our part in guiding them through the arduous and complicated process from the start to the finish; and who enable us to earn such an amazing living.

We should never take them for granted, for in the short and long run, they are our most important advocates for our future referrals and connections to scale our businesses to higher more profitable grounds.

Attending all our conventions in June, October, November, and December will make an agent that much more professional and knowledgeable and will put them on a different trajectory than the 80 percent who barely make a living.

No wonder that most drop out of our business because they don’t have the proper training and support (or they don’t seek out the necessary training and tools) to build a strong foundation to understand and learn this business the correct way.

An excellent agent’s motto should be, “For Service, Before, During and After the Sale.”

Philip A. Raices is the owner/Broker of Turn Key Real Estate at 3 Grace Ave Suite 180 Great Neck. He has earned designations as a Graduate of the Realtor Institute and a Certified International Property Specialist.  He can be reached by email, at:Phil@TurnKeyRealEstate.Com, or by cell: (516) 647-4289.

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