AK-47 (aka AK 47) Cannabis Strain Information


You typically find several cannabis seeds on the market when you purchase high-quality seeds. However, one strain that stands out is the AK-47 strain. This strain has serious seeds with excellent THC levels.

Additionally, you will find that these cannabis seeds contain a good amount of CBD to counterbalance the THC’s effects. Although the name might seem scary, this strain is sweet, flowery, and delicious. The strain has every good thing you desire in your cannabis seeds.

If you need good yields, our article will provide insight into this sativa-dominant hybrid of cannabis.

What Is The AK-47 Strain?

This strain is one of the most efficient cannabis seeds on the market. The strain consists of four different components. As stated earlier, this strain is the sativa-dominant hybrid of regular cannabis plants. Hence, you will typically find about 65% of sativa in this strain.

The next highest component in this strain is the indica strain. This strain has over 35% of Indica, followed by 20% of THC and 15% of CBD. What are the implications of this combination? This combination ensures you have the benefits of all these components in one plant.

For example, you can enjoy the medicinal benefits of sativa, such as the treatment of spasms, pain, insomnia, asthma, loss of appetite, and depression. Additionally, you get to enjoy the benefits of indica, which include reducing anxiety, treating acute pain, reducing nausea, and other benefits. The benefits of THC are already known to many people.

On top of the health benefits you get from sativa and indica strains, THC offers the entourage effect so loved and cherished by its users. What about CBD? CBD then counterbalances the effects of these strains. Also, CBD calms your mind and provides more joy to consumers. This beneficial medicinal plant came into play in 1992.

The hybrid strain is a product of Serious Seeds, a Netherlands-based company. The strain became the most potent strain because of its medical benefits. Thus, this hybrid strain remained top of the products released in the 90s for its typical side effects. On the global stage, the product has won multiple awards to assert its quality further.

This strain has raked over 16 awards, including the High Times Cannabis Cup Awards. AK-47 seeds remain the top choice for many people due to their intense THC content. The seeds have a great flavor profile that works well with significant body effects. If you need classic strains with excellent indica and sativa effects, AK-47 marijuana strain is one you must consider. With all its benefits, it is no surprise that the product is among the most rated globally. You can try this product if you need a one-hit wonder with a long-lasting cerebral buzz.

What You Must Know About AK-47 Marijuana

Before delving into this product, you need to know everything about it. AK-47 marijuana is a sativa-dominant strain of cannabis, and the product enhances several effects and is more potent than other strains of cannabis you will find on the market.

This product combines four powerful and popular strains: Thai, Mexican, Colombian, and Afghani. While the product mainly consists of Sativa, AK-47 marijuana also has other components. Most samples in the United States have a 65%/35% sativa-to-indica ratio.

However, the eye-catching characteristic of this product is its THC content. The product has THC levels measuring 20%. Although you will find CBD in this product, it is at low levels. If you easily get affected by THC, you must consider another product with a better CBD-THC ratio.

AK-47 Flavor and Aroma

AK-47 marijuana has a distinct smell that differs from the general smell associated with cannabis. With this product, you will find that the brand carries out odor control to produce an intensely aromatic strain worthy of recognition. You will also notice that the product has a unique aroma that smells like gunpowder.

According to reviews, the scent that initially hits your nose is quite sour. Howeer, what follows is a mix of earthy and floral aromas. Overall, the product has a strong flavor profile and an immense impact on taste buds. Although the aroma that hits the nose is quite unpleasant, you will find that the overall taste is pleasant and delicious. Additionally, the AK-47 marijuana strain offers users a sweet, dessert-like sensation.

The AK-47 Cannabis Seeds Appearance

AK-47 has a transparent lime green color that blends beautifully with its bright red-orange pistils. The plant has curly hairs that twist in between the sugar leaves. Furthermore, the buds often have a silvery-white color. The silvery-white color could be due to the high THC level in the plant.

The high THC content tends to mask the smokeable leaves in trichomes (glistening crystals). Usually, the AK-47 marijuana plant has a tall height with compact buds and uniform seeds. Although the plant usually has a tall height, it could be of medium height too.

The AK-47 marijuana plant also has grand and prominent calyxes. The plant has an impressive yield at harvest. You will enjoy everything about the appearance of this plant, from the seed to the dense buds and the yield and flavor.

AK-47 Marijuana Strain Growth Information

One thing growers have noted with this hybrid is that it is easy to grow. People with commercial cultivation experience will notice a difference when growing this plant compared to other marijuana flowers they have planted previously.

Although beginners can also attempt to plant an AK-47 hybrid seed, it may be challenging. One challenge growers could face with the AK-47 marijuana strain is that it is sometimes prone to mildew and mold. Due to this problem, most professionals prefer to grow the plant indoors, where they can easily monitor the growing conditions. You can, however, plant the seeds outside if you can control mold and mildew growth on the tenderlings.

Another essential factor you must not forget when growing these seeds anywhere in the world is proper humidity/temperature and ventilation control. Suppose you don’t want to plant your AK-47 marijuana seeds indoors. In that case, you must note that the plant only thrives in a warm and sunny climate with drier humidity’s. Additionally, ensure to keep your AK-47 marijuana strain away from neighbors who do not like marijuana; the smell from this plant is quite irritating, pungent, and stinky.

Flowering Period

AK-47 marijuana seeds have a short flowering time. For the most part, it only takes about eight to nine weeks for the plant to reach total yield. Harvest time is usually at the end of October for AK-47 seeds planted outdoors. You will not get the same yield when you plant your AK-47 inside the house.

Although the plant may have access to natural light, results show that the plants from outside perform better. AK-47 marijuana seeds planted indoors usually yield around 14 ounces per square meter, and in comparison, seeds planted outdoors tend to produce 14 ounces per plant.

The difference in yield suggests it is better to plant your AK-47 seeds outdoors under proper environmental conditions to enjoy maximum yields. Overall, it is pretty rewarding to plant your AK-47 marijuana outdoors. The plants are also a beautiful addition to your weed garden due to their bright colors. Also, the medical benefits from this strain make them the best for anyone looking for a high-yielding plant with few leaves.

Effects Of AK-47 Marijuana Strain On The Mind And Body

AK-47 weed has an uplifting effect on the mind and body. The uplifting effect helps with stress and anxiety. Additionally, the strain helps with chronic pains and mood disorders. One good thing about this strain is that it boosts creative or social activities.

Hence, professionals looking for creative or social inspiration always refer to AK-47 marijuana as one of their favorite strains. This strain also provides a safe space for indica, Thai, and sativa users to relieve stress and depression. AK-47 marijuana has attained legendary status due to its potency.

Other users have also described the strain as giggly and light, inducing smiles and laughter in people, even on soul-sucking days. Another impressive thing about this strain is that you can enjoy it while listening to some groovy tunes after a hard day’s work.

Duration Of Potency After Consuming This Hybrid Strain

It is no understatement that this hybrid strain delivers a long-lasting feeling that leaves users mellow and calm. Each seed from the plant produces flowering buds with the best effects. After consuming this hybrid strain, you typically enjoy about three to four hours of potency.

Compared to other hybrid marijuana strains, AK-47 has a potency that outclasses them. This product is so potent that it offers relaxation to your body and mind in ways other sativa-dominant strains do not. Additionally, the product tends to help customers enjoy a more mellow trance compared to other strains.

Thus, users can easily enjoy the motivation to complete their daily tasks. Unlike other sativa strains with high THC content, this marijuana strain tends to motivate you without putting you over the top. The product keeps you mentally alert without unnecessary paranoia.

Medical Benefits Of AK-47 Marijuana

AK-47 marijuana has been boosting some very positive benefits. This marijuana strain has greatly relieved individuals suffering from numerous conditions and illnesses. Patients suffering from psychological issues like mood disorders, anxiety, stress, depression, and insomnia find this strain particularly helpful. AK-47 is a hard-hitting strain that targets and provides therapeutic benefits. 

AK-47 is one of the most potent medical cannabis strains available. However, consumers should be cautious when using this product. The slightest overdose can increase the likelihood of cannabis-induced paranoia, stress, and anxiety, the very things you may have been trying to avoid.

The best way to check these irregularities and prevent an overdose is by setting boundaries and strictly sticking to them. You don’t need to keep to the boundaries immediately; start small and work your way up the control ladder. 

Pain-Relieving Properties

AK-47 has a lot of positive effects on physical pain and various ailments. Generally, AK-47 marijuana can help people suffering from various medical challenges. Ailments like chronic pain, nausea, fatigue, headaches, and lack of appetite can be relieved by the marijuana strain.

Suppose you have other, more severe cases like cancer. In that case, the strain can help reduce the pain and nausea you get from chemotherapy sessions or other treatments.  People with arthritis can use this marijuana strain to manage their pain symptoms.

Additionally, customer reviews show that the product helps with back and shoulder pains. You can use this marijuana strain to manage all sorts of pain. Note, however, that this marijuana strain does not treat pain. Instead, the product manages the pain symptoms felt by users.


Another benefit of using this marijuana strain is that you can enjoy a calming sensation. The feeling is sometimes related to a “couch lock” feeling. Users of this marijuana strain enjoy the best benefits when the plant reaches maturity and gets cultivated for use.

Due to its ability to help users relax and remain focused, this marijuana strain is often used by people to improve their mental alertness. If you have a clouded head and cannot find good-enough business solutions, use this product. You will enjoy inspiration like none other. Another health benefit of this marijuana strain is that it helps to relax the tight muscles in MS patients.

This weed strain also improves your appetite. People with AIDS and cancer also tend to gain more weight when they use this product. This weed strain also helps to reduce inflammation in joints and relieve you of pain. Ultimately, you can enjoy the best feelings anytime you use an AK-47 marijuana strain product.

Adverse Effects Of AK-47 Marijuana 

Fortunately, AK-47 marijuana offers very few adverse effects aside from the negative side of any typical cannabis strain. You should expect the most common marijuana side effects: cotton or dry mouth and dry eyes. Both are common adverse side effects that are similar to cannabis strains. You can easily manage these adverse effects with better preparation and planning.

The most effective way of dealing with a cotton mouth is by drinking lots of hydrating fluids before, during, and after your cannabis session. You can quickly put dry eyes to bed by moisturizing your eyes with eye drops. You can get these eye drops from any local drugstore; these will keep itchy eyes at bay. Perhaps the best part of using this cannabis strain is you won’t be prone to THC-induced anxiety.

THC-induced anxiety is more common than you would think with other cannabis strains, and that’s not the case with AK-47 marijuana. Hence, cannabis enthusiasts who binge on this strain shouldn’t be concerned with the regular paranoia, dizziness, and anxiety common with other cannabis strains. However, you will enjoy this freedom only if you stay within your boundaries.  Since this product contains a high THC concentration, it is only reasonable that you stick to the manufacturer’s instructions while consuming it. While the product also contains CBD, the compound is not in enough quantity to curtail all the effects of THC.

Hence, you must always enjoy this AK-47 strain as directed by the manufacturers. Also, seek professional medical advice before using this AK-47 strain if you have any underlying medical conditions. Pregnant women and nursing mothers must also avoid using AK-47 weed.

Is Serious Seeds A Brand?

Yes. Serious Seeds is the brand that owns the renowned AK-47 marijuana strain every weed user loves. The brand provides the best marijuana strains to help users enjoy unforgettable memories. If you want to remain focused, manage pain, or enjoy the “high” effects of marijuana, you can use this product.

What Happens If You Consume Excess Ak-47?

Like all other weed products, consuming excess is not a good idea. The best way to enjoy your weed strain is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. It is best to always start small before increasing your weed dosage to avoid overdose.

Once you find the sweet spot for your weed strain, you can stick to it and enjoy your marijuana strain. Consuming excessive AK-47s could lead to several adverse effects. You could experience mild to severe effects, depending on your body’s tolerance and the quantity of weed you consume. Some adverse effects you could experience include mild headaches, dry mouth, vomiting, nausea, etc. Most times, these symptoms are mild and disappear after a while.

However, you must visit a hospital’s emergency unit if the symptoms persist. It is always a good idea to consult your doctor before using an AK-47 as an alternative medication. Note that the product does not in any way replace medications. Instead, the strain is a way for consumers to enjoy the benefits of marijuana without the visible side effects. Since the strain has a pleasant aroma and taste, it also entertains users who want the best feelings while enjoying weed.

What Makes Ak-47 Different From Other Marijuana Strains?

AK-47 has several advantages over regular marijuana strains. Unlike these regular strains, AK-47 delivers its benefits without severe side effects. If you stick to the manufacturer’s instructions, you will not experience any side effects while using this strain. One of the most prominent differences between AK-47 and other products is that it combines THC, CBD, indica, and sativa strains to form this hybrid.

The combination of these strains and compounds gives the hybrid an edge over other marijuana strains. While the THC offers an entourage effect, the CBD ensures you enjoy a relaxed and calm sensation. Furthermore, CBD tends to counterbalance the effects of THC.

One other good thing about this product is its unique aroma and taste. Although you will find the aroma quite sour at the first encounter, it becomes less unpleasant subsequently. Also, the taste does not carry that earthy taste found in other marijuana strains. Per reviews, you will enjoy a delicious taste when you consume weed strains from this AK-47.

Who Can Use AK-47?

All marijuana users can enjoy AK-47 without issues. While there are no restrictions regarding its usage, people with underlying health conditions must not use this product without consulting their healthcare givers.

Additionally, breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women should stay away from this product. Children and people under 18 years cannot use AK-47s. Hence, ensure to keep the product away from children’s reach. Always keep your AK-47 in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight, to preserve its potency. Furthermore, endeavor to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid issues with overdose. If you have any questions, you can reach out to the brand’s customer service for clarification.

Final Thoughts On The AK-47 Strain

If you are dealing with depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia, nausea, or chronic pain and you’ve been searching for relief; this cannabis strain might be your long-awaited answer. AK-47 might be the suitable alternative to the treatment method you’ve been looking for.

The cannabis strain is available in most top-shelf dispensaries and is easy to find.  AK-47 combines indica, sativa, THC, and CBD strains for insomnia to form this strain. As a hybrid, this strain provides all the best benefits of marijuana with few side effects. Although AK-47 has these compounds, the composition of sativa is more than the other compounds.

Also, this AK-47 strain has THC in high quantities. Hence, you must consume this product in lower quantities or risk issues with overdose. Unlike other marijuana strains, AK-47 gives you all the good benefits of weed without the adverse effects. Although you may experience a few symptoms, they are usually mild and not long-lasting. Some benefits of this seed strain include improved moods, focus, and pain management. You will also feel relaxed after using an AK-47. It has been a fantastic journey reviewing the AK-47 cannabis strain; we hope you had fun reading up on this cannabis strain. We also hope that you didn’t only find this educational but entertaining as well. That said, always remember that weed consumption is the consumer’s responsibility. Always be discreet while consuming any weed strain.   

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