A New Way for Your Kids to Take CBD: Gummies 

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Kids have a lot of funny little quirks. None of these can be as frustrating for a parent as the foods they will and won’t eat. With my son, I’m lucky – he eats just about anything and everything.

I do feel sorry for my sister-in-law, Kerry, though. My niece will only eat chicken nuggets and plain pasta. They tried fooling her by giving her fish nuggets, and she was on to them in a flash. Anyway, you get the idea – getting your kids to eat the food you want them to can be difficult.

That’s why, when Kerry and I were talking about CBD for kids, she was hesitant. She knew that it would be an uphill battle getting her daughter to take the drops. That meant we had to go back to the drawing board and look for another solution.

Gummy Bears to the Rescue

Okay, maybe just regular gummies. These are special gummies, though, and they have their own gummy berry juice – CBD oil. It won’t make your kid super-strong or fast, but it can help them to relax and feel more confident.

CBD is particularly useful for children with anxiety disorders. It’s also been showing promise in treating children with autism. CBD Oils are the most popular way to take CBD, but there are gummies products which is perfect for kids, though it’s important to compare between different companies. Some parents swear by it to get their children’s ADHD under control, and, of course, marijuana has been used as a remedy for epilepsy for some years now.

Why Choose Gummies?

  • Kids generally love gummies. You’ll get them to eat a gummy much faster than swallowing a few drops of oil.
  • Each gummy has a set dose of CBD in it.
  • Some are enriched with other vitamins and minerals.
  • They’re easy to carry around.

Are These Gummies Safe for My Kids?

If you’re choosing a better-quality product, then yes, they are. Here are some things to look out for:

  • The ingredients: Are the gummies loaded with sugar or other undesirable elements? It’s better to stick to those sweetened with natural alternatives.
  • How potent is each dose? Your child should take 0.5 mg per pound of bodyweight three times daily. If your child weighs 50 pounds, and you’re giving them a gummy with 10 mg of CBD in it, they’re getting about half the effective dose.
  • Where is the CBD sourced? You need to know about the farming methods used. Organic is preferable. You also need to know whether the CBD is sourced from hemp or marijuana. Hemp-based is better for your child.
  • How was the oil extracted? Did the producers use solvent extraction? If so, what solvents? If you see the word “butane” anywhere, put it back on the shelf. That’s a very harsh solvent, and you’ll have residues left in the product.
  • Does the company have a Certificate of Authenticity? They get this by sending out samples to a third-party laboratory. The lab will then test the samples and confirm the contents of the product.

Are Some Brands Better than Others?

Most definitely, just like with anything in life. CBD is big business in the States at the moment. That means a lot of new entrants to the market. Some are well-intentioned and produce a great product. Others just want to make as much money as possible and run.

That’s why seeing that Certificate of Authenticity is so important. With that confirmation, you’ll always know what you’re getting.

Final Notes

Parents of fussy eaters will appreciate the candy-like aspect of this format. They’re chewy and fun, and they taste good. Getting the right dose is also easy with gummies, and they’re easy to carry around. Gummies are an excellent way to get your kids their daily dose.


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