6 Ways Scripts Make Real Estate Recruitment Better

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In today’s fast-paced world, more and more people are looking for genuine conversations. This is why some recruiters may feel a little uncertain about using recruitment scripts. After all, don’t scripts make you sound robotic, not to mention generic?

The truth, however, is that scripts can actually make real estate recruitment so much better. How? Here are just a few ways:

You’ll Sound More Professional

Real estate recruitment, at its core, is all about selling your brokerage to potential agents. Thus, as a recruiter, you need to put your best foot forward to represent the company. You can’t do this effectively if you’re stumbling over filler words such as “um,” “ah,” and the like. You’ll just end up sounding unsure and unintelligent. With a script to guide you, you’ll be able to structure conversations that flow naturally. As a result, you’ll sound more credible and competitive to potential candidates.

If you need some help developing a recruitment script, this link is a great resource: https://getbrokerkit.com/home/to-script-or-not-to-script-recruiting-real-estate-agent-scripts/. It will tell you which talking points to include, as well as how to write effective scripts for all levels of recruitment.

You’ll Make a Better, Lasting Impression

As the saying goes, first impressions last. In short, if you sound more professional and credible to the applicants, you’ll leave a better and more lasting impression on them. This can then help influence their decision whether or not to sign on with your brokerage.

Impressions are even more important when you’re cold-calling real estate agents. Usually, you’ll only have a few minutes to convince them that a role in your company would be beneficial to their career. Thus, you need to sound put together at all times and a script can help you achieve this.

You’ll Build Better Connections

When you make a good impression, it’s easier to build rapport and stronger business connections. Because you sound knowledgeable and well-prepared, potential candidates will feel more comfortable with you and trust your word.

Even if the applicant ends up choosing another company, they’ll likely remember you and associate you with professionalism. This can be helpful later on if they decide on a career move, or even for building a network of contacts and talented agents in the industry.

You’ll Yield Better Results

When you’re holding a conversation with a prospective candidate, you need to have structure. You have to grab and hold their attention, build interest, and answer questions. If you do these successfully, you’ll have a higher chance of having that candidate accept your offer.

With the help of a recruitment script, it’s easier for you to tick all of the proverbial boxes mentioned above. What’s more, you’ll be able to do it more consistently. This ultimately results in increased effectiveness of your recruitment. A script can also help improve your lead generation efforts, which makes it easier for you to find talented prospects.

You Can Have a Response for Everything

When you’re looking for talented real estate agents, it’s normal to have plenty of questions for them in order to gauge their suitability and qualifications. However, it’s also part and parcel of recruitment that the candidates will have questions for the recruiter. After all, it’s their career at stake. They just want to be sure that they’re making the best decision.

Through a carefully crafted script, you can be prepared for any questions that a candidate may have. It does take a lot of time and effort, but it will definitely pay off in the end. If you can address their concerns and show that your brokerage is ready to help them succeed, even the most skeptical candidate will be convinced.

You’ll Deal With Less Stress

Real estate recruitment can be quite challenging and stressful. You’re not only looking for the best of the best, but you’re also competing against other real estate brokerages. You may also encounter prospects who are resistant or difficult to deal with. These, among other factors, can result in a pile-up of stress.

Having a script ready will help you be more prepared. As a result, you’ll be more confident that you can handle the challenge and therefore have to deal with less stress. This can then have a direct impact on performance and productivity.

If you’re still unconvinced that a script can help improve real estate recruitment for you, think of it this way: a script is a tool. Like your smartphone, laptop, or even a real estate recruitment software, a script is one of the weapons in your arsenal.

Much like any other tool, you have to hone your skills in developing and using a script. Start by thinking of all the possible scenarios when you might need a script, and then craft one accordingly. Again, it will take a lot of time and effort; you may even end up revising scripts multiple times. The key is to keep using scripts and updating them as needed. Pretty soon, you’ll experience all of their benefits.


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