4 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Coffee Lovers

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With the holiday season fast approaching, there are two things to be excited about. First, the end of 2020, and second, and most importantly, Christmas! Now is the time to start working through your Christmas shopping list so that you can sit back and enjoy the festivities instead of running around last-minute trying to check your loved ones off your list. For the kids, you simply have to do a quick online search and you’ll be able to find out all about the “It” toy of the year. 

However, there’s always one or two people on your list who seem impossible to shop for. Perhaps that’s because they never seem truly happy with the gifts they receive or they just like seemingly mundane things like coffee. But not anymore, this year you will get it right. If you want to impress those picky people in your life, you need to check out our 4 perfect Christmas gifts for coffee lovers.

1. Kettle

Not your average kettle, but the special coffee brewing one that the coffee lovers in your life know is an essential tool for the ultimate cup of joe. New models now come with a temperature stability setting to ensure that the water is always ready for when the mood strikes. In addition to the functional features, a coffee kettle should be easy to handle and nice to look at. In case you haven’t noticed, coffee lovers like to put their coffee tools and gizmos proudly on display. However, before you splurge on a fancy kettle, confirm that your coffee-loving friend brews their own coffee and has the time for this process. Otherwise, move on to the next gift on this list. 

2. Coffee Machine 

The one thing that all coffee lovers will agree on is the joy of waking up to the smell of freshly-brewed coffee. Make your coffee lover friends’ dreams come true and give them a state-of-the-art coffee machine to help them start the day right. However, if you aren’t a coffee aficionado yourself, you might get overwhelmed with the many options on the market. You’ll also want to make sure that you aren’t buying something that your friends already have or, worse yet, a machine that is older than theirs.

The best way to approach this mission is to start with some research; try to find out what kind of machine they are using now and what they like or dislike about it. Once you have the information you need, the folks over at CoffeeDino.com recommend looking for helpful reviews to find what you’re looking for. For example, if your friend always complains about how difficult it is to clean their coffee machine, buy them one that is known to be easy to disassemble and clean. The coffee machine is usually the hero of every coffee lover’s morning routine, so keep that in mind when shopping and make sure you can afford to buy the one that your friends will truly love and use for years to come. 

3. Coffee Grinder

For the hardcore coffee-lovers in your life, a high-quality coffee grinder is a must. Real coffee lovers know that grinding their own beans is the closest thing they can get to preparing a barista-level cappuccino from the comfort of their homes. Unlike the blade grinder, a burr grinder is the real deal, as it’s specifically designed to grind the coffee beans to the perfect size. Coffee lovers will absolutely love this gift, a premium item that many people do not have money for. But being the thoughtful friend you are, you can grant your fiend’s wishes and find the perfect grinder that does the job without going way over your budget. 

4. Coffee Bean Subscription

A 3-month supply of their favorite imported coffee beans? That’s definitely a gift to impress. If the idea of browsing complicated coffee machines gives you a headache, keep it simple. If your friends like to try out new flavors and roasts, this will be an amazing gift, and a great way to help them find their new favorite coffee

Coffee lovers are typically very specific about how the like their cup of Joe. Everything has to be just right for them to enjoy it. Fortunately, you don’t need to be an expert to get them the perfect gift, one that they can use and enjoy every single day. The above ideas are guaranteed to impress the coffee enthusiasts in your life, even if you yourself are a tea person to the core.

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