30 Best Mocktail Recipes That You Need To Try On Weekends

Nikhil Goswami
Five exotic cocktails on ice in hands joined in celebratory toast

Whether it’s a party, festival, or time for celebration, mocktails are a healthy option for everyone. These non-alcoholic drinks taste delicious and are packed with beneficial nutrients. Mocktail recipes are commonly made from fresh fruit juice and club soda. Prepare and store it in a substantial fancy pitcher, for it becomes a self-serving dish!

When hosting a party, you may stock lots of wine, beer, and whiskey. However, if you have pregnant mothers, teetotalers, and kids at your party, adding a refreshing mocktail is a good choice. 

Mocktails are flavorful drinks for hot summer days, suitable for outdoor and indoor get-togethers. It is difficult to say no to a delicious mocktail served in a tall glass with fresh mint leaves. This alcohol-free version of the festive drink is ideal for those wanting to consume empty calories and avoid a hangover. Furthermore, they are cost-effective and quick to prepare for the host. 

They also please the kids who always like to fill up on a variety of flavorful beverages. Thus, we have curated a list of 30 delicious mocktail recipes for you to brew for your next party quickly. 

These are easy to make, decorative, and a delight for your guests. Our list includes all the popular mojitos, pina coladas and lemonades. Follow the recipes step-by-step and prepare the best mocktail recipes this holiday season.

  • Virgin Mojito

A virgin mojito is a popular and common mocktail served for every occasion. This delicious drink, prepared in minutes, has abundant health benefits. Different fruits added to the mojito make the drink palatable and nutritious. Virgin Mojito has lemon juice and club soda as essential ingredients. In addition, essentials such as crushed ice and mint with sugar syrup enhance the taste.

To make it look tempting, cut a slice of lemon and take a few mint leaves. Hook these to the brim of the glass with some salt. These add-ons make it irresistible for anyone at your party. For that extra kick, add a few drops of the strongest CBD oil and uplift your mood.On the other hand, double up the quantities of the ingredients we enlisted for making larger batches.

  • Kiwi Mojito

Kiwis are an all-season fruit ideal for hosts to crush and mix quickly. Kiwi mojito contains ice, kiwi juice, mint leaves, and a dash of lemon. Loved by all, this juicy fruit has abundant nutrients. 

Kiwis have a sweet-sour taste, and hence, sometimes, you need to add sugar to balance its sourness. Moreover, mojito goes best with water or soda. If you are out of soda, mix the syrup you prepared with chilled water. 

Fresh kiwis are hard to find; hence, adding readymade kiwi crush also works. In contrast to fresh fruit, kiwi crush allows you to prepare the mojito a day prior to your party.

  • Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple is a classic cocktail savored by all children and adults. This non-alcoholic drink has a bright red color that brings back childhood memories. Whip a fancy massive pitcher or a short wine glass using only a few ingredients. Besides, topping it with a cherry will empty the pitcher faster than you blend it.

Shirley Temple contains ginger ale and an ounce of grenadine to a glass of soda. Next, add broken pieces of ice, sugar syrup, and some lemon as per taste. Finally, you have the best mocktail ready in a jiffy. Triple the quantities of ingredients if serving a huge crowd. 

  • Alcohol-Free Hurricane 

If you are a daiquiri fan, the hurricane mocktail should top the drinks list at your next soiree. Originated in New Orleans, the hurricane mocktail tastes like your first sip of daiquiri. This drink is highly nutritious and the best choice for those watching their weight. 

This tropical drink has a fruity taste with the goodness of lime and orange juice. Additionally, passion fruit and pineapple juice augment the sweetness of the drink. Moreover, each glass topped with a slice of lime and cherries on a toothpick makes it more appetizing. Children, too, enjoy drinking this fruity appetizer that gives them a good taste and good health at the same time.

  • Strawberry Daiquiri Without Alcohol

Strawberries are juicy and sweet fruits enjoyed by most children and adults. When mixed with juices, it makes a delightful mocktail. This non-alcoholic version of Strawberry daiquiri is the favorite mocktail recipe of all daiquiri lovers. 

Fresh strawberry pieces crushed into juice and whipped in a tall glass of soda water make this thick delectable mocktail. The strawberry daiquiri is an expensive-looking yet affordable beverage to serve an enormous crowd.

If you are preparing this for a party ensure to add Delta-8 tinctures into your drink and make the party more interesting. Certainly, finely chopped pieces of strawberries enhance the final concoction’s taste. In addition, it is a quick preparation for bigger gatherings of loved ones. 

  • Citrus Fizz

The citrus fizz is the favorite of all who enjoy a luxurious yet affordable evening. Savor the sparkling water with the goodness of citrus in your new champagne flutes. In your flute, add water or soda. Then, fuse organic marmalade cordial with seed lip groove and serve chilled. 

Your festive mocktail is ready in minutes with only a couple of ingredients. Whether you want to cater to a small group or a mass, citrus fizz is one of the best virgin drinks. This drink affordably adds luxury and splendor to your evening.

  • Peach Mojito

One of the easiest mocktail recipes is the peach mojito. Whip lime juice in a cocktail shaker and add juiced peach with sugar syrup. The sugar is included to balance the bittersweet taste of the peach juice. It is a classic mocktail and relished by most females. 

The drink fits well for your next kitty party or a sleepover with your girl mates. It is a refreshing non-alcoholic drink ideal for health-conscious women. The mocktail has lots of vitamins, essential nutrients, and hydration. It promotes healthier skin and is light on the stomach.

  • Blue Curacao With Crushed Ice

Blue curacao is a readily available drink. Just add chilled water or soda, and your drink for the evening is ready! It goes with every appetizer and tastes even better with a dash of fresh lemon juice. This drink is mixed with sprite for the best taste.

It is the simplest of all mocktail recipes to make. Keep a bottle of blue curacao and quickly mix it with water if you have surprise guests coming home. This delicious mocktail needs no added sugar, just ice and soda.

To enhance taste, add mint leaves. Serve in bulky cocktail glasses that make it filling for the consumer. Ginger beer also enhances taste when mixed with blue curacao. Interestingly, blue curacao is popularly known as the blue lagoon. Most people throughout the world love this mocktail. Children and young adults especially crave it. 

  • Spicy Grapefruit And Ginger Fresca

The spicy grapefruit and ginger Fresca are easy to whip. The preparation uses only a few ingredients readily available at home. This zesty mocktail is delicious and fruity. Grapefruit juice and ginger ale in soda water are the main components of the mocktail. Alternatively, ginger beer is also a good choice.

The amount of ginger you add decides the spiciness of the drink. Alternatively, jalapeno slices spice up the drink. Additionally, lime juice and mint improve the taste but are entirely optional. Make this mocktail at your next soiree to add zest to your feast.

  • Virgin Watermelon Margarita

Margaritas are incredibly famous and the most ordered drinks at the bar. This fresh virgin mocktail is tangy yet sweet and loved by most adults. 

The drink is a quick mix of fresh lime juice, agave syrup, and watermelon puree in sparkling water. Alternatively, adding chunks of watermelon makes the drink more appealing. 

This mocktail is the most delicious of all the mocktail recipes you have read so far. Serve it in a watermelon skin bowl or a fancy cocktail glass. This recipe is sure to become the talk of the party.

  • Alcohol-Free White Sangria 

In contrast to the name, the alcohol-free white sangria is yellow. If you love white sangria, this alcohol-free version is a must-try. This heavenly drink originating from Spain is the healthiest of all mocktail recipes. It needs just the right amount of flavor, so add the fruits and mint carefully!

It is the ideal accompaniment to all your summer banquets. The beverage contains fresh juice, lime, mint, wine, and often brandy in sparkling water. Alternatively, you can use tonic water or even make your own CBD infused drinks. This exquisite mocktail recipe is best enjoyed in a Collins glass with a small paper umbrella for decoration. 

  • Appletini – The Non-Alcoholic Way

Served in a martini glass, appletini is sure to sweep you off your feet. Appletini is one of the best mocktail recipes for a romantic evening with your loved one or an adults-only party. Moreover, this mocktail is enjoyable even with your teenage kids.

This toothsome drink has an appealing green color. The ingredients are the same as the cocktail, minus the alcohol. If you have chosen this drink, follow the garnish instructions carefully. The slices of green apple are cut in a crescent moon shape and pricked with a fancy metal pin. This pin is kept on top of the serving glass and presented beautifully. 

  • Spicy Watermelon Agua Fresca

Watermelon is the perfect summer fruit. It is filled with the goodness of hydrating and cooling water. In addition, the antioxidants help soothe the body in the scorching summer heat. Add mint leaves, crushed watermelon juice, granulated sugar, and fresh lime juice to cold water. Besides, to spice things up, add finely chopped jalapenos.

If kids are the main focus of your party, skip the jalapenos. Furthermore, whether you prepare it in a large pitcher or for individual use, the spicy watermelon agua fresca is a mix of the cheapest mocktail recipes. Whether you make a small glass or a big batch of spicy watermelon agua fresca, your whole family will surely like it.

  • Mango Mule

Mango is the king of fruits and the favorite of all. No one can refuse to drink the thick and delicious mango mule at your next holiday get-together. At the base of the cocktail shaker, muddle some cucumber and honey syrup. Alternatively, adding maple syrup enhances the taste.

Then, add the puree of mango and lime juice. Next, drop some ice cubes and shake vigorously. Finally, strain the entire concoction in a serving glass of your choice. Garnish it with ginger beer and serve. 

Place an eco-friendly wooden stirrer in the glass and a little umbrella for decorating the final serving. This decoration makes it tempting for all mango lovers. The drink is super refreshing and ideal for special occasions.

  • Peach Punch

A peach punch is often served at most wedding parties, bridal showers, or potlucks. This mocktail is vibrant and has great flavors. Peach punch contains peach and similar citrus fruits to boost the taste. Not only good in taste, but the peach punch also fills the stomach nicely and prevents you from eating junk. 

Peach punch is yummy and refreshing. The drink does not contain alcohol. Yet it tastes good and is ideal for people who are avoiding alcohol. If you don’t like the fibers of the fruits, double strain the puree before adding it to water or soda. Peach punch is served in tall glasses with decorative fruit pieces to make it more appealing. 

  • Non-alcoholic Red Sangria

Sangria is a Spanish punch with a smooth assortment of fruits. The non-alcoholic red sangria makes a good beverage for evening gatherings. This mocktail is enjoyed by the whole family, including the kids!

Mixing authentic citrus fruits such as orange, cranberry juice, pomegranate juice, and lime form the major components of the sangria. On the other hand, adding other fruit juices such as strawberries, grapes, and pineapple juice improve the taste. Moreover, cinnamon sticks are added for spiciness. The punch is suitable for all audiences, especially those who avoid alcohol. 

  • Mermaid Water Mocktail

The mermaid water mocktail looks like a fairy tail drink and will surely be loved by all kids. So, if you are planning to throw a party for the kids, a mermaid water mocktail should top your list. This simple drink looks attractive and needs to be prepared on the spot. 

A Mermaid water mocktail is a refreshing summer drink made from simple ingredients. These include orange juice and pink lemonade concentrate. It is a fruity mocktail, best served at pool parties and kids’ celebrations. The drink is a good choice for people who are on a gluten-free diet.

  • Cooling Cucumber And Strawberry Mocktail

This cooling drink is just what you need at a summer pool party. The cucumbers soothe the burning stomach, while the strawberries add flavor. The mix of strawberry and cucumber is best enjoyed with sparkling water. 

Thinly sliced cucumbers in a glass full of ice form the base of the beverage. To this, add strawberry crush or fresh strawberry juice. Keeping the solids of strawberries enhances the taste. If you make this for kids, add sugar to improve the taste. In addition, lemon zest and mint, too, add to the flavor. However, these are optional. This recipe is easy and quick to make if the strawberry crush is available. 

  • Hibiscus Iced Tea

Hibiscus mixed in sparkling water is a simple and refreshing drink. This drink is an excellent coolant and is served on special occasions. Valentine’s day and romantic dinners are best enjoyed with hibiscus iced tea. 

It is a healthy and refreshing drink that satisfies most palates. The fantastic cool tea is filled with the goodness of antioxidants and various health benefits. Moreover, it is ideal for those who wish to lose weight and are watching their calorie intake. Savor the cold beverage not only in the summers but also in the spring or fall season. 

  • Coconut Water Spritzers

The coconut water spritzer has the goodness of coconut water and fruits. This mocktail is also known as coconut water sangria. Interestingly, this spritzer is a colorful drink because of the variety of fruits added to the appetizer. The mocktail is excellent for a summer outing that keeps your stomach cool. Furthermore, the spritzer is filling and thus prevents you from eating all the junk at the party. 

It is rich in antioxidants, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals required for daily functioning. Also, it is an excellent hydrant and a good choice for those who feel dehydrated. In addition, it is the best mocktail for those who are watching their calorie intake and wish to lose weight.

  • Mocktail For New Mothers

If you have new mothers coming to your house or you are a new mother, this mocktail is especially for you. With pregnancy and lactation, all alcohol-loving women need not miss out on the party drinks! Instead, replace alcohol with these nutritious and healthy mocktail recipes. 

The recipe includes fresh fruit juices and ice. Fruits of your choice are ground in the grinder, in which water is added if necessary. Sugar is optional. Lime is also added to improve the taste of the mocktail. The fruits are a healthy alternative to sodas and unhealthy preservatives added to readymade juices.

  • Hot Apple Cider Mocktail

This simple mocktail recipe is as delicious as any complex mocktail prepared from multiple ingredients. The hot apple cider mocktail contains only two ingredients – pumpkin butter and apple cider. It is the best mocktail for weight watchers and health freaks. 

This low-calorie mocktail shall be praised at any event organized for fitness enthusiasts. Moreover, people who want to lose weight or maintain good health also benefit from this mocktail. The apple cider in the mocktail is an excellent fat burner and keeps you full for long hours. In addition, the mocktail is full of nutritional components that help you build better immunity. The taste is highly palatable and adored by children, too.

  • Virgin Piña Coladas

Virgin piña colada is another popular mocktail ordered at the bar. This drink is often served on the cruise since it sets the vibe for a healthy vacation. This drink has coconut milk and pineapples as the main ingredients. The taste of the final virgin preparation is as good as its alcoholic variation. 

It is a topical refreshing vegan mocktail that quenches every thirst. The recipe is easy to follow. Add freshly cut pineapples to the grinder with the milk of coconut and ice. Add sugar if need be. Enjoy the drink with a little paper umbrella to give you the tropical feel in the comfort of your home. 

  • Lavender Lemonade

Lavender lemonade is famous for its health benefits. This recipe is easy to prepare and soothing to drink. It is a good mocktail if you have kids attending your special event. This beverage contains honey and lavender in lots of water. The pink drink needs a bit of preparation, resulting in an excellent coolant. 

First, boil water and honey in a pan and add crushed and dried lavender. Next, freeze the prepared mixture. Finally, strain the preparation and serve with cold water or soda. The resulting mocktail is lip-smacking good. 

  • Watermelon Lime Mix

This tasty summer drink is an excellent coolant for all your summer parties. Watermelon effectively beats the heat and maintains superb hydration. In addition, citrus adds vitamins and flavor to your evening beverage. 

Kids, adults, and the elderly, everyone loves a sip of chilled watermelon lime mix. This refreshing beverage is free of alcohol and safe for pregnant women and lactating mothers. To prepare, grind the watermelon and add it to a glass of lime water and ice. To serve, add salt and red chili powder to the rim of the glass and pour your drink into it. The salt and red chili powder add excellent flavor to the concoction.

  • Rosemary Blue Smash

Blueberries and rosemary make an excellent combination of healthy juices. Adding honey to the mixture further promotes good health and replaces harmful sugar. Rosemary blue smash is easy to whip and tasty to drink. Children, too, enjoy drinking this mixture once in a while. 

To prepare the mocktail, start with muddling the berries and leaves in a cocktail shaker. To this, add honey syrup. If you don’t have a cocktail shaker, use two glasses, a large vessel, and a ladle. Next, add lemon juice and ice. Shake the mixture and strain it to remove the solids. Serve chilled in a tall or wide glass with sparkling water.

  • Lemongrass Iced Tea With Jasmine

Jasmine and lemongrass taste amazing when mixed together. In addition, the presence of lime, simple syrup, and lychee juice makes it one of the best mocktail drinks. This tea is filled with antioxidants that promote healing and are healthy for burning calories.

Whether it is a party or supper at home with close friends, this mocktail is the quickest to whip and serve. The healthy ingredients make it an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts and the elderly. 

  • Wildcat Cooler

A berry-licious mocktail, the wildcat cooler is an ideal choice for all sorts of gatherings. It contains a mix of healthy blueberries in chilled water. Sugar, lime juice, and fresh mint improve flavor. 

Ginger beer also augments the taste. The wildcat cooler requires a bit of preparation. That includes heating and simmering blueberries, water, and sugar in a pan for about 20 minutes. Next, the concoction is strained and separated from the solids. Finally, the simple syrup is added to water or sparkling apple juice and enjoyed chilled. For additional cooling, add ice cubes. 

  • Peach Iced Tea

Iced tea is popular among children and young adults. If you have a birthday party coming up, think of adding this tasty beverage to your list of mocktails. Young adults will love this fruity tea with a little caffeine effect. The recipe is simple to follow and hassle-free. 

This fruity mocktail is available in powder form at the grocery store. Mix just the right amount of powder into chilled water and drop some ice cubes. Make a huge batch in a pitcher by following the instructions behind the packet. Alternatively, make a batch of four drinks if you have only three or four kids coming over to your house. Serve chilled. 

  • Pomegranate And Cranberry Mocktail

This mocktail will surely blow your mind if you are a cranberry breeze fan. The pomegranate and cranberry mocktail is simple to make and takes only five minutes to whip. So, whip this tasty drink for your upcoming gathering or the potluck you have been waiting for so long.

Add pomegranate juice to a tall glass of sparkling water or soda. At the same time, add cranberry juice with lime and mint leaves. Finally, enjoy this chilled mocktail with cubes of ice. 

Conclusion: 30 Best Mocktail Recipes That You Need To Try On Weekends

For all those who host parties, mocktails are essential non-alcoholic beverages you must serve. Besides, the juicy cantaloupe, healthy sparkling mixes, and hydrating beverages all add to the spark of your soiree. This allows all your folks who have quit alcohol, are pregnant, or have kids to enjoy the festivities to the fullest. 

All these mocktails spice up your celebration, especially on a hot summer day. So have fun whipping them in large pitchers or making single servings. Furthermore, they are flavorful, healthy, and a budget-friendly add-on for your next soiree. So, try these delicious recipes and enjoy.


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