What Is CBN? 3 Best CBN Strains Available In 2022

Nikhil Goswami

Most people are familiar with THC and CBD. They are the most common types of cannabinoids. However, you will be surprised to know that there are 113 other cannabinoids. CBN is one of those cannabinoids.

While research is ongoing, we’ve learned much about the benefits CBN can offer. It’s an exciting cannabinoid full of potential that may become the next big thing after CBD.

Benefits Of CBN

The information about CBN is still limited. However, some recent research work has uncovered multiple benefits of using CBN.

CBN is capable of treating or managing medical conditions. Also, it may be capable of helping treat anxiety and depression. Here are some things we know with greater confidence.


People call CBN a “sleepy cannabinoid.” It is because of the effect it has on its users.

CBN works excellently for treating insomnia. The cannabinoid can help users get a good night’s sleep. It promotes better sleep by helping relax your mind and body, which generally means a better quality of rest.

The best part is that, unlike sleeping pills, it does not have major side effects. Even a small amount of CBN will work perfectly to treat your insomnia.

Appetite Stimulant

CBN acts as an excellent appetite stimulant. People facing appetite reduction due to tension or anxiety can turn to CBN. This is great for people who have trouble staying at a healthy weight.

Furthermore, patients undergoing medical treatment like chemotherapy can maintain a healthy appetite, as CBN gummies help counter nausea.

Antibacterial Effects

CBN can cut the growth of bacteria in your body. It is capable of treating bacterial infections like strep throat etc. Moreover, the cannabinoid is perfect for treating superbugs like MRSA.

In short, the consumption of CBN can prevent the bacteria in your body from growing and expanding.

Other Benefits

There are many other small benefits of using CBN. For instance, CBN’s sleepy effects are good for seizures. Other than this, it can make you feel confident. CBN compels your body to release feel-good and mood-lifting hormones. Hence, the consumption of CBN can make you feel confident and happy all day.

CBN also fights anxiety. It relaxes your mind, reducing panic and tension. Consuming CBN before a public appearance or an important meeting can help you overcome your fear and anxiety.

3 Best CBN Strains On The Market

Some cannabis hybrids have more amounts of CBN than others. The strains that contain cannabis stored at high room temperatures and generally long past its expiry date contain higher quantities of CBN. So, when it comes to high CBN strains, age matters.

It is necessary to know the most popular CBN-rich strains. Here are some hybrids that are worth using.

Blackberry Kush

Most CBN strains contain less than 1% CBN. However, the average CBN content present in Blackberry Kush is 2%.

Blackberry Kush has very delicious flavors. The most common flavors found are fruity. However, you can also find varieties that offer a mix of sweet and sour delight.

The fruity flavors include watermelon, orange, and blackberry.

The origin of the blackberry strain is still unknown. However, it is created from a mixture of original Blackberry and Landrace Afghani. The mixture of two potent strains makes it rich in both benefits and taste.

The Blackberry Kush is known for its sedative effects. The high CBN content makes it potentially more sedative than other CBN strains. You will need only a few hits of Blackberry Kush to fall asleep.

Blackberry Kush contains less than one percent CBD and 20% delta-9 THC. It is one of the reasons why it’s a great sleep aid.

Tahoe OG

Tahoe OG is another excellent cannabis strain. You can find it easily in offline and online shops. It is commonly used because of its rich effects and benefits.

Tahoe OG contains 1%-2% of CBN. It contains a strong mixture of heavy India and body-oriented Sativa. The rich flavors and ingredients of Tahoe OG make it one of the best CBD strains in the market.

The presence of Sativa increases the benefits of Tahoe OG. Sativa helps release mood-lifting hormones. As a result, it provides strong euphoric effects. The consumer will feel happy and satisfied all day after smoking this strain.

Tahoe OG is best for treating anxiety and depression. As defined above, it has strong euphoric effects due to the presence of Sativa.

Other than relieving tension, Tahoe OG can help manage chronic physical pain. The combination of CBN, THC, and CBD makes Tahoe OG capable of relaxing tight and tense muscles. It also stimulates the normalization of blood pressure. Hence, if you have a headache or body ache because of low or high blood pressure, Tahoe OG can help you.

It comes in interesting and delicious flavors. You can find woodsy, earthy, and lemon flavors in this strain.

All the flavors are a little sour. This arises from the base ingredients present in the strain. On that same note, this also translates to the pungent smell of the buds.

Banana OG

Just like Tahoe OG, Banana OG contains 1%-2% CBN. The average delta-9 THC content is between 20%-26%. It is more than any other CBN strain. Hence, a good proportion of both cannabinoids makes Banana OG a healthy strain.

Banana OG is found in banana and cinnamon flavors. Both flavors have a strong and sweet banana smell, enhancing the consumer’s experience.

Unlike other CBN strains, Banana OG comes at extremely affordable rates. It has all the richness and benefits you can find in an expensive strain. So, if you are looking for a CBN strain at a low price, Banana OG will be a perfect choice for you.

Banana OG has a lower sedative effect compared to other CBN strains. It relaxes your mind without causing the sleepy effect. Hence, you can consume this CBN strain even during the day. It is not the case with other CBN strains. All other strains cause a strong sleepy effect; hence, you can not consume them during work hours.

Although Banana OG does not have a strong sedative effect, it still manages to relax your body and mind. It prevents your brain from producing negative thoughts, reducing stress and anxiety.

Overdosing Banana OG can be problematic. A large amount of Banana OG can cause a nasty head buzz. Hence, it is advised to use a safe ratio of Banana OG.

What Is The Difference Between CBN, CBD, And THC?

Learning the difference between a CBN strain, CBD strain, THC strain, and other types of marijuana strain is necessary. Most people confuse CBN with CBD.

Although both are classified as cannabinoids, they have major differences. Each cannabinoid offers distinct benefits and effects.

CBD and THC are “older” and more well-known cannabinoids. People have been consuming THC and CBD for a long time. However, research has only just uncovered CBN. As such, we don’t know much about this compound yet. Research is still ongoing to learn more about CBN and the health benefits it can offer.

How Is CBN Produced? 

The source of CBN is different from THC and CBD. The interesting fact is that CBN is a part of THC. Technically, it is created when THC degrades.

When the THC in marijuana bud or cannabis flower becomes old, it converts into CBN. The conversion is due to a process called oxidation. The Oxidation process makes necessary and beneficial changes in the molecules of THC. The change in chemical composition converts it into an entirely new compound, i.e., CBN.

So, the first difference lies in the chemical composition.


Although CBN is a byproduct of THC, the strength of its psychoactive effect is different from THC. THC has a strong psychoactive effect.

Using a product that contains a large amount of THC can cause hallucinations. However, this is not the case with CBN.

CBN shows a very slight psychoactive effect. It will not meddle with the user’s nervous system.

CBN will only cause sleepiness and relaxation. However, you would not feel high after smoking any CBN strain.

Consumption Methods

Another difference lies in the consumption methods of CBD and CBN. CBD has been in the industry for a long time. More research has been done on CBD, which is why we have so many different CBD products on the market.

However, CBN is still new, and scientists are still looking for new ways of consumption of CBN. CBD is available in the form of gummies and what are edibles. You can add these edibles to any food of your choice. This is not the case for CBN.

There are currently no edibles available for CBN. You can not consume CBN with any food or liquid.

The only forms of CBN currently available are vape pens, tinctures, CBN oil, and capsules.

Side Effects

Although CBD is known for its highly beneficial effects, you can also find a list of side effects. A great amount of research on CBD has revealed the different side effects of using it at different strengths. Although these side effects are not major, you should still know what to expect.

Some side effects of CBD are nausea, fatigue, diarrhea, liver injury, and mood changes.

Unlike CBD, there are no known side effects of CBN. It might be due to a lack of research, but scientists have not yet found any adverse effects of using CBN.

However, visiting your doctor before consuming CBN for the first time is still a good idea. CBN can be problematic for you and your body if you have any medical conditions. Hence, always talk to your doctor about potential side effects.

Also, if you cannot understand the correct dosage of CBN, you should consult your doctor. Each person can have a unique reaction to different doses. As such, it is better to be safe than sorry and take necessary precautions.

Concluding On CBN Strains: What All Do We Know?

CBN strain is a new product in the world of cannabis. People have been consuming CBD and THC for a long time. However, the discovery of this new cannabinoid, CBN, has provided a new direction for cannabis studies.

The compound is derived from THC. When THC from the cannabis plant gets oxidized, it is converted into CBN. It is due to the chemical composition of THC’s molecules.

Although the research work on CBN is limited, you can still find many potential types of CBN strains. It is necessary to learn about each strain in detail. Using a CBN strain without knowing its origin and composition can be dangerous, as different strains contain different ratios of ingredients.

We have defined a few top-notch CBN strains in this article. All the strains are thoroughly researched and explained to make things easy for you to understand.

The best CBN strain you can get in the market is Tahoe OG. It has a safe ratio of THC, CBD, and CBN. The CBN percentage present in it is one to two percent. It is the safest proportion of CBN.

You can go for Banana OG if you want to consume CBN during work hours. Banana OG has a low sedative effect. You will not feel sleepy instantly after smoking this CBN strain. Moreover, it has a strong banana smell and taste, which makes it enjoyable. You can also find Banana OG in cinnamon flavor.

All the CBN strains we have explained come at affordable prices. You can easily buy these strains from any online store at excellent prices. All these strains are extremely beneficial for consumers.

CBN best marijuana strains are capable of providing chronic pain relief. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory properties of these cannabis strains can help with skin redness, swelling, high fever, and muscle pain.

In conclusion, CBN strains are good if you consume them safely. These may become the next big thing after CBD.

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