20 Ways How To Get Rid Of Weed Smell From Apartments, Car

get rid of weed smell

Are you looking for a way to conceal your marijuana odor? There may be several ways to do that, but you might not want to take a risk. If you have been roaming around in countries that allow smoking weed, you would not have to hide the smell.

However, for places with this illegal activity masking the strong odor of marijuana is the only way you can survive. Smoking weed may be an excellent way to relax and give your mind a short break from all the stressful situations, but it does cause euphoria.

Moreover, its fragrance is so strong that anyone standing beside you can detect the scent coming from your mouth. Whatever the case, we recommend you take precautions and not let yourself around the scent in the first place for safety purposes. The moment you get caught is when your law-breaking activities come into play, and it might lead you to end up in jail. So, how do you hide it?

How To Get Rid Of The Smell Of Weed? – Top 20 Methods

Here, we have gathered the top tips to help you hide that pungent odor of weed. Therefore, this guide will be helpful if you hide it from your friends or someone as professional as your manager. Go through these several tricks and choose what you find the most suitable for you. 

1. Gnaw On a Piece of Strong Mint Chewing Gum

Have you been in a hurry and realized that you are on your way and your breath smells of weed? Well, that is too bad, and we do not want you caught. Now, you can not go with applying an air freshener to your mouth because that is dangerous.

The easiest method you can opt for in a hurry is using chewing gums to hide the weed smell. However, one drawback is having a pack full of minty gums to chew on the right in your bag. So that you never run out of these in a hurry. This trick is the perfect solution for those who can not afford to go for expensive deodorizers.

Moreover, chewing gum may only be helpful if you want to eliminate the weed smell from your mouth. If the odor is coming from your clothes or stuff around you, you may want to scroll below and look for an alternative tip.

2. Use Natural Deodorizers to Store Your Stash

We all have been trying to hide stuff in college, especially not to get caught by teachers. However, those little tricks will not work when masking the weed smells. Weed smells like cannabis odor are not easy to remove, and you may need baking soda or air fresheners. However, there are better ways we can use to mask odors today, like purifying bags.

Another inexpensive method to hide the smell of the weed is to store the purifying bamboo charcoal bags next to your stash. Moreover, these will help absorb all the moisture and weed aroma. Plus, you will not have to worry about contaminating your weed.

These do not react with any chemicals externally, so it is a safer way to store them with your weed stash. However, we do not recommend keeping the weed with natural deodorizers for too long and not in direct sunlight.

3. Take the Help of Incense

If you have not already done this before, let us bring this into play here. When you do not want someone to know the real thing, you cover it up with a similar substance to fool. This method will do for masking the smell of weed too. All you will need is a box of incense diffuser sticks.

Since these have a more pungent odor than weed, incense can easily mask the smell for us without anyone noticing. The packs come in various scents, like sandalwood and jasmine. Incense will work best if the smell of weed is around in your apartment or bedroom.

A good idea is to leave the incense sticks in several places across the room. Also, do not choose the spots near air conditioners, windows, or open spaces. Since the diffusers have essential oils stored in them, they begin diffusing as soon as you leave them in a room. Therefore, use the sticks with care and tissue paper to prevent oil from getting on your hands.

You may want to flip the sticks now and then to prevent them from clogging. Flipping would help create a burst of scent from them as if they were refilled with the fragrance. This way, the incense diffusers will consume the space around it, and you will no longer smell weed.

4. Do Not Forget About Your Breath

We have been talking about the surroundings for a while now. However, people find the breath more suspicious, especially if they get a chance to stay close to you. So, it is better to take care of it, so you do not get caught.

One way is to use breath strips which most people do, to get a pleasant breath smell. Some use breath strips to impress their crushes or before going on a date. While these strips also work wonders if you have been carrying the bad garlic-like smell with you.

Another way is to go with mouth fresheners that cigarette smokers use as well due to the foul odor of tobacco. These mouth fresheners have additional benefits that will help whiten your teeth, give you healthy gums, and keep the mouth clean and smelling fresh. So, you have nothing to lose.

5. Apply a Strong Scented Spray

Another technique you can use is cleaning the surface that has a marijuana smell with a strong spray. Just like clothes, weed smoke smell sticks to surfaces for longer. You may want to use an air freshener or strong body sprays to eliminate the odors, but they do not work often.

Thus, a strongly scented spray is what we recommend to prevent weed smell. These must stay in the air longer to fill the room and occupy weed odor. If it is the furniture or solid stuff you need to care for, it is best to wipe the surfaces using tissue paper. Moreover, several environment-friendly sprays in the market will help enlighten your mood and keep the atmosphere clean.

6. Use Scented Candles

Did you know some candles are specifically designed to give you a pleasant fragrance? Well, if you did not already, now you know. You can light up the candle in the living area where you smoke weed. While there are several flavors of scented candles, you may also find some to get rid of odors, like a weed smell in our case.

However, before buying candles, try going for the ones made with natural ingredients. Since you will sniff the fragrance in that living area, the aroma must be safe. For best results, leave the candle for around 30 minutes for it to show the effect.

7. Spray an Air Freshener

The cheapest and quickest method to eliminate a smell is using an air freshener. Believe it or not. We all get grumpy when a pungent odor spreads in a room, and an air freshener works like a savior in situations like these.

The same is useful when you smoke weed, and your instincts tell you to save yourself from the trouble it may cause. Use the air freshener nearby, spray it around your room, and give it enough time to occupy the space so you no longer feel weed smells around.

8. Use an Odor-Absorbing Gel

Most cannabis users use odor-absorbing gels to eliminate the smell of cannabis smoke. Likewise, the marijuana smoke smell does not go away quickly and might need an odor eliminator. An odor-absorbing gel works excellent if you have a few minutes and want your surroundings clean as if nothing ever happened.

All you need is to place one of the devices in the center of the room and turn it on. Eventually, after a few minutes, you would see all of the weed smell going away. However, this will not work with the odor sticking to your clothes. Therefore, body spray might help you with that.

9. Buy an Air Purifier

Buying an air purifier is a good idea if you smoke weed regularly. An air purifier serves the purpose of cleaning the air for that smoking marijuana. However, it is a one-time investment, and you can place it in the room where you have been smoking regularly. This area will automatically get cleansed by the cleaner as long as you keep it turned on.

People use it for getting rid of pet germs, preventing pollen allergies, and after smoking cannabis. It works on water, and you need to fill the tank, which lasts about five to six hours. However, you will need to refill the water tank after that.

10. Use a Scent-Free Air Freshener

If you are afraid that someone might find the fragrance of an air freshener to be something suspicious, we have a better solution. Air fresheners come in handy in situations like these and are also available in scent-free types. Moreover, these scent-free fresheners work like air purifiers and odor eliminators combined.

These are specifically for those allergic to sniffing the strong flower odors. Since most perfumes and air fresheners use artificial aromas of jasmine and rose, and they may not suit everyone, we have scent-free fresheners now. Several companies are selling these nowadays, but we suggest getting a portable one so you can carry it anywhere you want.

11. Place a Baking Soda Bowl

If you are good with cooking and recipes, you may know what magic baking soda plays and its qualities. Baking soda is a good hack for those who do not want to use air fresheners or body sprays due to their fragrance.

Moreover, baking soda does not cause any harmful effects on human health, like releasing toxic gasses or chemicals that may react with other compounds. It is an excellent trick to eliminate smells like sweat or vomit. Likewise, for a weed smell, it contains essential oils that cause a strong odor, while baking soda quickly absorbs it if left overnight in a closed space.

12. Buy a Scented Wreath

Another item you should put on your list when shopping next time is a scented wreath. Not only is the wreath good in providing fragrance, but it also possesses therapeutic capabilities. The eucalyptus plant is the one we use to make a wreath, while some take the help of cedar.

Most people know the procedure and design the wreath themselves at home, and it also serves as a lovely ornament for home decoration. The cedar plant holds an aroma that serves the purpose of scented wreaths by easing anxiety, insomnia, and pain issues.

It is a great way to eliminate weed odors if you smoke constantly. If you do not own a plant, you may quickly get the branches of eucalyptus from any garden nearby. Cut them to pieces and grab a round circular pedal to start weaving on. You may follow a specific pattern to craft a design or place them layer by layer. Repeat the process if you think the pedal needs the leaves covered.

Once done, secure the branches with a piece of thread. Then, find the center of the room and tuck the wreath into the wall using a hanging hook. This wreath would easily last fresh for up to five weeks. Whenever you smoke weed, you would see that the strong odor would eventually go away in no time due to the wreath.

13. Use Air-tight Glass Jars

Buying a wreath or using body sprays are helpful tools for those who wish to fill the room with some fragrance. However, these do not help if you want to store your weed or marijuana joints in a safe space.

Similarly, tote bags or simple containers might not do the work either because the smell of weed is strong. Therefore, we need air-tight jars that do not let the odor escape through them. Since there are no holes or openings inside the containers, air ventilation is impossible. Moreover, these jars have rubber and wire attached, sealing them tightly.

14. Place Coffee Grounds Around the House

We all love the pleasant fragrance of coffee beans. Right! Coffee beans also hold a strong odor like many other substances. Although it has a strong smell, as surprising as it may sound, coffee also has odor-eliminating effects. That is due to the chemical nitrogen, which helps purify the air.

The best usage is that you can recycle these coffee ground bags if they no longer help with the odor. Moreover, the coffee ground is also helpful in making the compost for plants’ soil since they hold essential nutrients. Also, inside the house, they work as insect repellents.

If you are not content with placing baking soda in a bowl openly, this tip is good for you. Similarly, if you have pets or small children in your house, choosing coffee grounds is a better and safer alternative to baking soda. These tiny bags, like cars, drawers, and storage points, can go anywhere.

In addition, you do not require any work here. Place the coffee ground bags and let them do the magic. You would see their impact right after you smoke weed as the odor would never settle in the room. The nitrogen in coffee absorbs the smell, quickly cleansing the atmosphere.

15. Use Vinegar to Purify Air

Some people hate the smell of acidic substances like vinegar, but if you are not one of those, that is good since this trick will be fruitful if you utilize it to eliminate the weed smell. Vinegar has been a cleaning agent for ages, and people still prefer using it in their daily routines. Due to its intense aroma, you will hardly feel any other fragrance around the room if vinegar is inside.

Therefore, it can also help neutralize the smell of weed quicker than the tips we discussed above. However, ensure that you use this in an open space, as we do not suggest carrying it with you. Vinegar may cause fading effects on clothes and surfaces if spilled accidentally. So, use it with precautions.

Like the baking soda hack, we will use vinegar this time; the only difference is that it is a liquid substance. Vinegar contains no harmful properties and is safe for pets and children. We recommend using a bottle with a sprinkler attached so you can handle it easily while spraying around.

Choose your preferable vinegar flavor. It may be an apple, flower, or any herb. Pour the vinegar into the bottle carefully. If you have a separate scented powder, you may add and mix it with the mixture. However, try to dilute it till you see the amount fits.

Then, mist the room where you smoked weed. Make sure you do not leave any corners. It will only take a few minutes for the odor to dissipate and distribute itself evenly in the open space. Close the doors or windows if you wish to keep the fragrance inside.

16. Buy a High-Tech Air Diffuser

If you wish to spend and invest once and enjoy the benefits for a lifetime, then go for the air diffuser. It may be expensive, but you will no longer have to worry about changing the tanks, refilling, flipping sticks, or weaving wreaths. A nebulizer diffuser creates a pleasant ambiance for you to enjoy.

Since they work on nebulizing technology, you will always get fresh air even in a closed living space. Moreover, you can also control its intensity with the plug. A nebulizer diffuser has several small tubes that work at high pressure. It turns the essential oils into steam using mist and spreads it across the room. Therefore, it wipes away the weed smell in a matter of seconds.

17. Cook a Strong Smelling Dish

If you are ravening and looking forward to having lunch or dinner after smoking weed, this will do the work. Cooking a dish with onion, garlic, or strong spices can leave a strong odor that can help cover the weed smell. Although it might take some time, it can help eliminate the weed smell effectively and for a long time.

However, in case you do not have time to cook. Grab some crackers or a bag of microwave popcorn and burn them. This burning smell can also mask the smell of weed. Especially if the bag of popcorn is flavored, it might take days to get rid of its burning odor.

Nevertheless, please do not leave it in the microwave for too long as it can be risky. Remember, we need a slight burning smell, not a lot of fire rising from the bag. So, follow the tip only if you think you can make it work; otherwise, we can move to alternative methods.

18. Use a Hand Sanitizer

There may be times when your hands and body may smell like weed. You may be hoping to take a lavender bath, but it might not work with covering the strong odor. Therefore, using a hand sanitizer might help.

Hand sanitizers work like rubbing alcohol; you will see the difference because they contain active ingredients. Moreover, the gel-like substance is from aloe vera, and it is also a cleansing agent.

19. Make a DIY Sploof

Since getting rid of the smells and strong odors is quite an essential part of our lives, there are “sploofs.” A sploof is a handmade device designed to get rid of strong smells. In addition, it works as a filter and consumes all the foul odor giving off pleasant and fresh air.

You will need a small piece of rigid cardboard, dryer sheets, and a toilet paper roll or a tissue roll would do too. Now, grab the sheets and fold them evenly. Place them over one opening of the cardboard cylinder by securing them with a hook or a rubber band. That is it. There you have a DIY sploof for weed smell eliminator.

20. Open Windows and Turn On the Fans

If you do not find any other appropriate technique, you can open the windows when smoking weed. This way, the weed smell will move directly outside and not gather in the house. Moreover, if there is a need for fans, turn them on to circulate the air and speed up the ventilation process. However, keep the external space, so the odor has a place to leave in exchange for fresh air.

What Causes the Strong Weed Odor?

You may be wondering what weed contains that causes such a strong, pungent smell. Like cannabis smoke, marijuana’s scent is strong and gets stuck in the air. The significant and primary factor that comes into play is the amount of harvest time; the longer you brew something, the more substantial its odor.

Moreover, if the plant is too old, it will automatically have a strong aroma. However, there is no way to determine whether the brand has been using younger plants. So, you may look for terpenes. Like other chemical compounds, terpenes are aromatic and hold their smell no matter what you mix them with.

Another compound known as myrcene is present in weed and marijuana smoke pens and joint tubes that are responsible for causing the odor. Higher myrcenes are present if the weed has a higher concentration, making the smell more saturated. To avoid such odors from sticking to your clothes and furniture, you may need to take the help of neutralizing agents.

Wrapping It Up: How To Not Smell Like Weed?

If you have been stuck in a situation and are trying to find ways to remove the weed smell, this guide is for you. You would have heard from people that the weed smell is way too strong to remove but remember, it is not impossible. That is why we brought this guide with several tips that can prove fruitful for people on the same ship.

Although someone might have said to use a vaporizer, go with the breath strips, use gum, etc., how do you know if they work? That is what this article will help you to find out. Whether it is your house smelling like marijuana smell or you got a lousy weed breath, we have a tip for every case.

The best part is knowing that the weed smell does not last long. However, it also depends on the type of clothing that you wear. The thicker the stuff, the longer the scent would tend to stay because it gets absorbed more deeply. So, go through the guide and check what trick may suit you the best so you can live carefreely.

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