Williston Park trustees hear requests for budget additions

Suzanne Mobyed

Williston Park’s Village Board heard comments and concerns from village employees Monday about its draft village budget for the coming fiscal year.  

Firefighters from the Williston Park Fire Department told the Board that although they are happy with the new renovations to the firehouse, the fire trucks need to be replaced soon.

The two firefighters at the meeting said many fire trucks need extensive repairs, which are not worth the expense.

They said purchasing a new truck every two years would be the best way to get 10 to 12 years out of the vehicles.   

Two Williston Park auxiliary police officers also told the Board they are working hard to stay within budget to update vehicles.

However, due to the inclement weather and snowstorms, the paint on the hood of many auxiliary vehicles has chipped away.

A fund drive will be set up later this year to generate more money for the auxiliary police budget for uniforms, badges and other necessary things, they said.  

Williston Park Library Director Donna McKenna brought up her concern at the meeting as to having more space in the children’s room.

When asked what this space would be utilized for, McKenna suggested story time, programming, homework space and an expanded book collection. The Board mentioned donating land for more space.

State Sen. Jack Martins (R-Mineola) helped the Williston Park Library get more shelving, but the paint is starting to peel, she said.

Trustees said they were concerned about spending $40,000 for shelving and painting them. To save money in the budget, the board suggested village employees could paint the shelves at a lower price.

This topic will be discussed in further detail at the next Village Board meeting, they said.

Trustees also said Monday they were in favor of installing new 250-watt LED lights on the main streets in the village. This would cost approximately $20,000 to do, but would result in a long-term savings of $31,000.

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