What Does THC Do To The Brain? An Informative Guide

Nikhil Goswami

Marijuana has a variety of uses; for example, some individuals vape it or drink it, while others smoke it or eat it. Nevertheless, the majority of individuals just want to enjoy it. They do not even know about THC percentages, high THC flower usage, high THC strains, high THC cannabis, etc. However, some individuals are concerned about marijuana’s potential for addiction and its damaging effects on the brain. 

The main issue with marijuana is that it may have bad effects on the mind and body and can occasionally be quite addictive. People also promote it for its ability to transform the mind. So, you should know what is considered high THC and how to use it.

Before deciding to take marijuana, many people want to make sure that it will not harm their health negatively. In today’s discussion, we will clarify the effects of THC on the brain and what THC does to the brain.

It Can Make You Feel High

First of all, it’s crucial to remember that THC is marijuana’s most vital component. It has well-known psychoactive properties. Simply put, THC affects different areas of the brain directly. It enhances emotions, especially those that are connected to enhanced sexual and eating sensations. THC, a component of marijuana, exerts its impact by causing the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter found in the brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is linked to the pleasure you get when eating or having sex. So, when you use marijuana, the emotions of relaxation linked to physical and mental wellness may be enhanced even more.

No matter what the procedure of taking marijuana, you will observe the effectiveness of THC on your mind and body. So, whether you vape or smoke weed, THC will be added to your bloodstream right away. Many cannabis consumers know nothing about high THC strains, high THC cannabis, the required THC levels, THC content, cannabis flower, cannabis strain type, cannabis concentrates, cannabis consumers, amount of THC, cannabis dispensaries, etc.

You can expect that the effectiveness will be observed within seconds or minutes. You have to understand the whole cycle. After taking marijuana-containing products, you will start feeling elevated within a few seconds. After that, you will observe the increase in the intensity of your feelings. You will feel as if you need to take food or have to indulge yourself in some kind of physical pleasure. 

Within 30 minutes, the effectiveness of marijuana will be at its peak. You can expect these effects to last for at least three hours. Some people who are quite resistant to such things can only observe its effectiveness for 1 to 2 hours. Basically, the effect of marijuana is different from person to person. No one can predict the exact level of recreation. The same goes for medical marijuana. It shows its effectiveness on different patients differently, even if they have the same disease. 

It May Significantly Affect How You Feel and Your Mental Health

Some people observe considerable improvement in their mental problems when they use marijuana. However, the experience varies from person to person, and many people seem to be quite happy with marijuana. However, some do have unpleasant experiences with it. They claim that marijuana has made them even more anxious, confused, and panicked.

There are various cases where we can observe the negative effects of marijuana on mental health, especially the one that supports an increase in clinical depression. Other problems associated with the use of marijuana include an increase in mental disorders. It may include different types of mental disorders, including anxiety and restlessness. 

There is no significant medical evidence about why people observe a boost in their mental disorders when they use marijuana. However, all the scientists and medical researchers agree that the high dose intake does have negative effects on the mind and body. So, if you want to prevent yourself from being paranoid or losing touch with reality, you should avoid taking marijuana in high doses. Taking moderate doses keeps you on the safe side. Some people who take high doses of marijuana claim to hear or see things that do not exist. 

You May Face the Problem of Thinking Distortion 

We all know that human beings are the crown of creation. The major characteristic that distinguishes them from other creatures is their ability to think and ponder. However, the excessive use of marijuana-containing products can distort your thinking ability, and you may feel senseless. When you take marijuana, the THC present in it negatively clouds the senses and judgment. However, as mental stamina varies from one individual to the other, the effectiveness of marijuana also differs. Some people observe considerable improvement. However, various factors decide how much the dose of marijuana has impacted your mind and body. 

The major factors that affect the normal functioning of your mind and body include the potency of the dosage, the quantity that you have taken, and your previous record of utilizing marijuana. 

Remember that marijuana has various negative effects on your mind and body. They include hurting your senses. Sometimes you observe a considerable boost in the sense of hearing or enhanced ability to look at things from a new perspective. Many people who take marijuana in high dosage experience the extreme brightness of the colors, or they become more sensitive to the sounds they hear. While in some cases, they lose the ability to distinguish between some colors or lose their sense of time. 

The negative effect of marijuana that is socially unacceptable is the loss of motor skills. We should know that two types of motor skills are gross and fine. The gross motor skills include your ability to run, swim, walk and perform other activities that involve the usage of your limbs. Note that the human limbs include your torso, legs, and arms. Thus, when you cannot perform the actions that utilize these major areas of the body, you become a totally physically abnormal person. 

Although the effectiveness of marijuana is usually short-lived, it does have a very negative impact on the daily life of a person. The gross motor skills that the person develops during childhood can easily be lost within minutes or hours when the person continues to take high doses of marijuana daily. So, the impact on physical activity is very confusing because the nervous system, muscles, and brain work together to perform all the actions related to standing, walking and going up and down the stairs, and other similar activities. 

You May Get Hooked 

There are many cases when people feel addicted to marijuana. According to various studies and research, it is clearly proven that 1 in 10 people immediately get hooked to marijuana when they continue to use it for some days.

Addiction or getting hooked is a simple terminology that involves using marijuana again and again regularly without worrying about the negative impact that it has on the physical and mental capabilities. Moreover, people often fall into various problems regarding their relationships and families when they continue to use marijuana without stopping. It not only harms their relationships but also has a negative impact on their health, finances, and regular routine of schooling or going to the job. 

It is a common perception that financial hardship results in taking drugs like marijuana and playing their part in addiction development. But modern research has revealed that millennials and rich billionaires are at a higher risk of developing an addiction when they use marijuana and ingest THC. So yes, no one is exempt from this practice, and the research conducted by the trust of America’s safety and well-being revealed that drug-related issues due to ingesting marijuana were observed in almost all categories of young people irrespective of their financial background. 

If we look at the reasons, we come to know that there can never be a single answer to this question because various factors contribute to drug addiction that may result due to THC. 

It Impairs Your Brain

Marijuana has a negative impact on your cognitive abilities and mental stamina. So, when you continue to take marijuana regularly, you lose your attention, concentration, and focus. As a result, you cannot feel the stamina to learn things by heart and remember various events of your life. Initially, it seems that you lose your focus for just 24 hours or longer, but it has a long-lasting effect on your memory. So, marijuana use is associated with cognitive impairment and may affect brain health negatively. Moreover, when you continue to use marijuana at a young age, especially in your three years, you will observe a more permanent loss in your memory in the latter years of your life. Imaging tests also reveal that marijuana has a negative impact on the whole brain and can physically change the internal brain structure as well. 

Basically, cannabinoid receptors are also affected when people face cannabis use disorder or observe coronary artery risk development or problems with brain development. Specifically, marijuana and THC-containing substances can directly impact the particular areas of the brain that are involved in enhancing your learning and memory skills. As a result, people who continue to take marijuana for some time have decreased IQ scores. 

You May Encounter Lung Issues

Just like vaping and smoking, when your use marijuana, you can face irritation of your lungs. Basically, it can also cause inflammation in the various organs of your body, and the lungs are no exception. However, the problems can be even greater when you use it regularly and continue to use it for some days or weeks. Also, the problem can be even worse when you already have breathing or respiratory disorders and you start taking marijuana. So, you should be super careful when you already have some issues that need to be rectified.

Remember that THC not only badly affects your respiratory system but can also harm your immune system. So instead of getting into more problems, it is important to rectify your other problems and stay away from THC when you already have immunological or respiratory disorders. 

It Has Pain-Relieving Effects and Other Symptoms

You should not worry about the legality of marijuana, especially the one which is used for medicinal purposes. Most states of the US have a legal status regarding the legitimacy of medical marijuana. If we look at the statistics, we come to know that more than 10 states in the US, including Washington, do not have any bans on medicinal marijuana. Medicinal marijuana is known to solve many symptoms of pain and problems such as: 

  • Continuous pain in any part of your body that is irritating and due to inflammatory problems
  • Muscle stiffness and arthritis may cause spasms. Marijuana also tends to solve the problems arising from multiple sclerosis. 
  • All the sleep problems, including insomnia, sleeplessness, fibromyalgia, and sleep apnea
  • Seizures and fits that may arise due to increasing age all the underlying causes, including epilepsy
  • Nausea, vomiting, and the problems that may arise as side effects of chemotherapy
  • Loss of weight and appetite

It Can Make You Feel Hungry

Regular users of marijuana consistently report that they feel a boost in their appetite and eat more than before. It may be helpful for people who already face problems such as lack of proper nutrition and have to regain weight. Moreover, people suffering from chronic diseases like cancer and other similar illnesses of losing their weight due to weakness as the neutrons do not become part of their body and get removed through the excretory system.

In such cases, when they take marijuana, their bodies tend to retain the nutrients, especially the fats and minerals. Sources report that taking marijuana for diseases like AIDS and cancer is a safe option. 

It Can Impact Your Cardiovascular Health

When you ingest marijuana, you put a burden on your heart. It simply means that your heart has to struggle a lot and work harder. The normal statistics tell us that the heartbeat rate of an individual is 50 to 70 times a minute, but it can double within half an hour of taking marijuana when its effectiveness is at its peak. So, it is crucial to care about what is considered high THC in your case.

From here, you can notice how dangerous it is to take marijuana excessively, especially with high THC potency. Similarly, high THC flower usage can also be harmful. It increases the problems related to the heart, such as you may face increased chances of stroke or heart attack. Moreover, you will also observe various other muscular and heart problems that can be even more dangerous if you are older or already have health problems. 

It Intensifies Alcohol Dangers

Various people who take alcohol along with marijuana say that they observe more problems. It is common for the drinkers to use alcohol along with marijuana, and 1 in 10 drinkers do have it. When you combine marijuana with alcohol, you will also be susceptible to more mental and physical problems. Alcohol is already dangerous to your health, and when it combines with THC-containing marijuana, it can further become dangerous. 

Your Newborn May Be Underweight

The use of marijuana is particularly dangerous for breastfeeding and pregnant mothers. When they use marijuana regularly, it can negatively impact the mental and physical growth of their fetus. Various studies reveal that mothers who use marijuana give birth to underweight, premature, or malnutrition babies. However, it is only the risk, and the mothers are also able to give birth to healthy children if they do not take marijuana so often. But these researchers and medical scientists do not recommend taking marijuana during pregnancy or during the breastfeeding period because it can negatively impact the growth of the kid, and he may face a lot of problems in learning and various things that can retard their productivity in their school life. Moreover, it can also make them addicted or inclined towards the use of the drugs that may cause addiction. 

The Connection to Cancer Is Unclear

Although people associate the use of marijuana with lung problems, there is no clear evidence that can support the connection of marijuana usage with lung cancer. Even marijuana is not related to lung, neck, head, or any other organ cancer. So, there is nothing to worry about. However, it is important to note that marijuana use may lead to testicular cancer, which is only supported by limited evidence. So, there is still a lack of enough information about whether or not testicular cancer can be caused by marijuana usage. Similarly, various other weak researchers and limited evidence support that heavy marijuana usage can also lead to cervical or bladder cancer. 

What is CBD and the Cannabis Plant?  

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, a chemical that both hemp and marijuana plants contain. You don’t get high from it. In addition to being offered as tablets, gels, and other formulations, CBD may also be turned into CBD oil. To alleviate pain, seizures, and other medical issues, some individuals take CBD. However, scientists are unsure about its effectiveness or long-term safety. Lack of enforcement makes it difficult to understand what you’re constantly purchasing.

The US may now legally purchase cannabis and hemp-derived goods thanks to laws approved in 2018. Not all CBD goods created from cannabis are, however, authorized. Because CBD is a recognized prescription medicine, it is illegal to add it to food or nutraceuticals. CBD is restricted to “aesthetic” items exclusively. However, there are very few CBD goods commercially available with dietary supplement labels. These items occasionally contain more or less CBD than is indicated on the package or by Federal law.

Ways To Use Marijuana (Marijuana Use Options)

If you want to use marijuana for medicinal purposes, you should learn the ways to use marijuana. Basically, when you proceed with smoking, it serves as the most effective way of using marijuana and reaping the most benefits associated with mental comfort. Nowadays, a lot of different methods are available that you can use to ingest THC and try it in a variety of ways.  Some of the common ways in which you can use marijuana include using it in the form of water pipes, small handheld pipes, rolled cigarettes, and cigars. 

More About Effects of THC On Brain & Mental Activity

It May Cause Aimlessness

On the one hand, THC is the greatest source of pleasure for some people, but having too much THC ingestion means you might feel demotivated because you do not know what you are struggling with and what you want in the near future. Considerable drug addiction is observed among the adults and teens of America, where the young generation is used to taking marijuana almost daily. 

It May Make You More Adventurous 

We observe the impulse and risk-taking habits among the people who ingest THC via vaping or smoking. Scientific research reveals that this kind of impulsive behavior is due to the presence of dopamine in the brain, which is a neurotransmitter. It works by sending messages of pleasure to the person who takes risks. 

Sometimes, high levels of dopamine that releases in large amounts due to THC ingestion also make a person vulnerable to developing addictive behaviors. Young adults are at a higher risk of getting addicted to drugs as compared to the ones who are old. 

High THC Percentage May Reduce Your Self-control

Addicted people want to get everything they want, and it is the reason why young people are extremely susceptible to drug addiction. They usually do not care for social boundaries and all the things that may stop mature and old people. This kind of self-independent behavior leads to a lack of self-control which may result in behaviors like THC addiction. 

Remember that often it starts as a fun activity, but later on, it takes control of their whole personalities. With time, they become prone to finding pleasure because their circuitry gears for it. 

It May Be Due to Financial Hardships

The young generation is overburdened with a lot of responsibilities, including education and a lot of expenses associated with high living costs and student debts. When people do not find direction and can get overwhelmed by the increasing inflation, they want to get relief from this crisis by using THC-containing products. Married millennials often face more inclination towards marijuana because it is quite affordable for them to face the exploding costs of their kids’ education as well as other general costs associated with grocery shopping. Moreover, paying for housing is also a great problem that has left many people in developing countries stressed and over-depressed. As a result, we can say that unemployment and financial crises can lead to marijuana addiction, and ultimately, it has further negative impacts that make people even hungrier than before. 

High THC Flower Product Tends to Solve Emotional Problems Temporarily

Sometimes, a person cannot bear the faithless behavior of his children, wife, or his loved partner. Some people are light-hearted by nature and take things too seriously. As a result, they often get overwhelmed by the enormity of the tasks or any other problems that may happen in their personal lives and become addicted to products like marijuana. They intake THC because they try to find pleasure and happiness when they fail to get these things from anywhere else  

Such people are also at higher risk of getting close to other THC and non-THC drugs. In other words, we can say that inability to face the realities of life and the strong desire to get rid of problems in life also results in drug addiction. 

High THC Potency May Cause Health Shocks 

As we know that young people are usually not much at risk of getting diseases. However, modern research has revealed that unhealthy habits among millennials, such as taking excessive marijuana, can lead to several health problems. The problem worsens when they are exposed to unaffordable health care and also face a lack of support. Data published by the Blue Cross Blue Shield discovered that millennials are on track to be one of the unhealthiest generations ever. 

The council on Lifestyle and Cardiometabolic Health accepts marijuana’s long-term effects and its impact on adolescent brain development and warns chronic cannabis users or marijuana users from taking excessive doses.

Awareness About THC & Drug Abuse – What is considered high THC?

Various private Healthcare facilities offer integrated medication-assisted treatment and all outpatient levels of care. The combination of psychotherapies like CBT and EMDR is used to treat people who suffer from drug or THC addiction, irrespective of the causes. 

The experts who treat marijuana-addicted patients know that recovery should be different for everyone, and the cultivation of a recovery process requires many different techniques. So, they can professionally combine multiple forms of therapy to reshape the feelings of a person about traumatic events. For the treatment of the person suffering from marijuana addiction, you should seek a premium mental health facility. 

Conclusion: What Does THC Do To The Brain?

When summing up the discussion about what THC does to the brain, we should carefully analyze all the aspects and understand that THC can be healthy for the mind and body when it is taken in an appropriate amount. However, its effectiveness may vary from person to person, and some people are quite unhappy with how it works for the body. So, to verify the effectiveness of THC, you should use a small amount of it and see how it goes. It is also important to know what is considered high THC, what level of THC potency you need, and what the THC percentage is. We suggest that common users should enhance their knowledge about cannabis growers, methods of edible products in the cannabis industry, legal cannabis products, cannabis users, legal cannabis, potent weed, THC gummies, high THC weed, cannabis extracts, cannabis tests, and percent THC potency.

Note that drug abuse is more related to a person’s behavior and not to the usage of the cannabis plant or marijuana use. Cannabinoid receptors are also not involved in it. If you are in the habit of smoking marijuana, you may have observed cognitive impairment as it is thought to affect brain health. So, people using it may also go for cardiovascular and stroke nursing or any national institute where they can get treatment for the endocannabinoid system.

People using other substances can also go for it, but mostly it occurs in patients with cannabis use disorder or those who observe coronary artery risk development. Therefore, this is not entirely due to the effects of marijuana use.

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