Readers Write: Voters send clear message on property taxes

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While the result reached on Election Day is not what I had hoped, I want to express my sincerest thanks and appreciation to all the people who supported me in this election and encouraged me to run again. We ran a great campaign and I am indebted to my supporters and staff who worked so hard over the last six months.  

It was clear that whether you agreed with it or not, we could not overcome the message of not raising county property taxes. It was the greatest honor of my career to have served the people of Nassau County as comptroller from 2002 to 2009. I never intended to be nor considered myself to be a politician.  

I was a financial professional for 35 years in the private sector with a stint as village mayor and only ran for comptroller in 2001 because the county had failed financially, and I believed that applying my skills and experience towards the service of others could make a difference. Working with an excellent, professional staff, I know we achieved that goal. 

Public service can be a noble profession, and I admire those good people who seek to serve in public office. In no other profession is your work on display for the entire community to see and subject to such intense scrutiny.  

There is much work to be done in returning the county to financial health. Reducing borrowing, repairing the county’s broken assessment system, and making Nassau County government more open and transparent to restore confidence in county government are just a few of the challenges facing our leaders. Nassau County deserves a government as honest and good as our people.  

The comptroller – elected separately from the county executive – has a platform from which you can tell voters the truth, and advocate for their best interests and for the best interests of the county’s financial future. I congratulate Mr. Maragos on his re-election and wish him good luck in his new term.

Above and beyond all else, it is with great respect and humility that I say thank you to the people of Nassau County. 

I also must thank my wonderful wife Susan who has always supported me even through the most difficult of times, my children and extended family, my campaign team, and the many people I will always count as dear friends.  

Howard Weitzman

North Hills

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