Vocational/Life Skills program expands at Vincent Smith School

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Life skills education includes laundry, vacuuming, sewing

The Vincent Smith School, a private, special education school in Port Washington, is expanding its existing Vocational Explorations in Education Program (VEEP) to students up to age 23, following the recent passage of New York State Bill A8021.

The bill, signed by Gov. Cuomo June 30, provides that a student enrolled in an individualized education plan in the 2021-2023 school years may continue to receive educational services until the student completes those services or turns 23, whichever is sooner.

Vincent Smith’s VEEP is a transitional program for students in grades 9-12 and up to age 23, designed to teach students essential life skills and independence.

In addition to learning basic skills such as personal finance, housekeeping & meal preparation, and hygiene and safety, students will be exposed to a broad spectrum of experiences that will further enrich their functional, social, and communication skills.

Examples of additional skills include:
• Scheduling and prioritizing tasks
• Grocery shopping
• Independent living
• Job application & interview
• Saving and budgeting money

Vincent Smith School, a coed, not-for-profit school for grades 1-12, specializes in educating students with learning differences like Dyslexia and auditory processing disorders, as well as ADHD and school reluctance. The school offers small classes (avg. 5:1), differentiated instruction with certified special education teachers, and on-site related services.

For more information about VEEP or Vincent Smith School, call 516.365.4900 or go to https://www.vincentsmithschool.org/.

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