Village to sue E.W. to protect our claim

Paul Ehbar

The Williston Park Village Board of Trustees authorized Village Attorney James Bradley to file suit in Nassau County Supreme Court against the Village of East Williston in order to seek judgment for penalties owed to Williston Park by East Williston as a result of delinquent payment of water bills. 

Negotiations between the villages appear to have come to a standstill as East Williston has failed to respond to correspondence sent to them more than a month  ago. 

While the Williston Park board was hopeful of reaching an agreement, to date this has not happened. This suit was filed at this time so as to preserve Williston Park’s right to seek payment. 

There is a legal timeline by which the village had to file this suit. Failing to do so would have jeopardized the village’s rights to seek payment through the courts. 

It is the Williston Park Village board’s fiduciary responsibility, to its residents, to ensure that the legal ability to collect any fines would not be lost due to a missed filing date.     

This Saturday, July 4, the Williston Park Fire Department will once again be hosting their annual parade in celebration of this federal holiday. 

On behalf of myself and the Village Board we thank the Department for continuing this time honored tradition. I ask all residents to come out and watch this fantastic event. It begins on Broad Street at 9:30 a.m.  

While many will be celebrating this holiday with family and friends, both locally and elsewhere, supporting this parade is a great way to begin the day. The parade will bring enjoyment to the young, old and all those in between. Come out and show your appreciation for our firefighters and all those participating in the march. 

On a separate note, for those who may be celebrating please don’t drink and drive! Help to keep the roads traveled safe for all. Once again, I ask all to obey traffic devices. Both residents and nonresidents are observed on a regular basis disregarding Village stop signs. 

The pool season is in full swing. For those who have not yet registered, stop by this great facility and do so. With summer settling in there is no better place locally that the Roger Fay pool to spent a morning, afternoon or evening with friends and neighbors.


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