Village puts moratorium on construction at East Williston Avenue and Roslyn Road intersection

Rebecca Klar
The East Williston village board passed a moratorium on construction projects at the intersection between East Williston Avenue and Roslyn Road. (Photo by Rebecca Klar)

The East Williston village board passed a moratorium on consideration or approval of applications made for construction at the intersection of East Williston Avenue and Roslyn Road during Monday night’s meeting.

The 180-day moratorium may also continue for three further 90-day periods, if deemed necessary by the board.

Three of the intersection’s four corners are occupied by places of religious worship: the Community Church of East Williston, Beacon Church and the Tzu Chi Foundation.

Barry Bashker, the architect for the Tzu Chi foundation, asked if the moratorium would affect the foundation’s pending application for construction.

The board said it would.

Mayor David Tanner said the board has also informally received information from other locations on the intersection of possible plans for construction or changes in use of the property.

“You have to also understand there is some consideration to the other two corners of that particular part of the village,” Tanner said. “So your application is in context with other pending projects, whatever that may be.”

Efforts to reach Bashker to get details of the planned construction were unavailing.

The area is also typically heavy in traffic, and traffic seems to be increasing, Tanner said.

He added that Nassau County has also discussed minor modifications for the intersection to minimize traffic issues.

“At that point we want to consider how to best utilize those particular properties on the corner, as well as have a good idea as to possible traffic possibilities,” Tanner said.

During the meeting the board also adjourned a public hearing to amend fees required for building applications.

Tanner said the board is waiting for more specifics.

The hearing will be continued at the June 11 meeting.

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