Village of Roslyn Harbor approves budget for 2019-20

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Roslyn Harbor Village Hall (Photo by Jason Lee)

By Ethan Marshall and Janelle Clausen

The Village of Roslyn Harbor’s board passed a $1.14 million budget proposal during Tuesday night’s meeting, nearly $1,100 more than last year’s budget.

In addition to the budget getting increased, property taxes are expected to rise from $631,777 to $644,412. This is a difference of $12,635.54, or 1.99 percent.

Costs associated with the Fire Department are budgeted to go up from the current $220,361.66 to $227,617.32. The biggest difference is with the fire services contract, which is listed as going up from $213,261.66 to $220,517.32.

Another big expense listed is for refuse and garbage management, which is budgeted at $127,565.76. This is just shy of $3,100 higher than the $124,466.16 expense budgeted in the 2018-19 budget.

The village is expecting $75,000 in revenue from building and alteration permit fees, or $15,000 more than the current $60,000. Rubbish removal fees are budgeted to go up from $134,890 to $138,047, interest earned from $6,500 to $7,500, and license and permit fees from $20,000 to $25,000.

Nassau County sales tax and uncategorized income will be going from no money to $2,920 and $1,210 respectively.

Roslyn Harbor is expecting less state aid though, with items listed as state aid going down from $113,759.15 to $73,278.43. Revenue from a mortgage tax is not changing from its currently budgeted $40,000.

In addition to passing the budget, the Board of Trustees approved a proposal redefining lot coverage on properties.

The maximum requirements for percentages of land being covered by impervious surfaces remains the same. For example, two-acre residences are limited to 15% coverage on the front yard, 25% on the front yard of one-acre residences, 30% on residences that equate to half an acre and 35% on the front yards of 0.18-acre residences.

Additionally, five-acre preserves are limited to 10% on the front yard and two-acre businesses cannot exceed 70%. However, the coverage cannot be concentrated in one area, and gravel will qualify as an impervious surface covering the yard.

The next board meeting for the Village of Roslyn Harbor is on May 30.

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