Village of Port Washington North Village Board, LOCAL LAW 1 of 2020 


The following was enacted by the Village of Port Washington North Village Board on September 23, 2020: LOCAL LAW 1 of 2020  ARTICLE XI Economic Development B District§ 176-106. Purposes;  Permitted uses B. Uses permitted. A building may be erected, altered, or used, and a lot or premises may be used, for any of the purposes set forth in this section and for no other:  (1) Offices  for executive,  administrative, or professional purposes;  (2) Scientific and/or research laboratories, limited to areas of research, the performance of which will have no potential detrimental impact upon the health or the environment of the Village and its residents; (3) Assembly, fabrication, and finishing of articles of small compass and high value, such as cameras, watches, precision instruments,  Electronic  instruments, business machines, and the like; (4) Storage facilities, provided there shall  be no outside storage of any nature and no warehousing or storage of building materials or other heavy products; (5) Telephone exchanges and other similar public utility facilities; (6) Facilities for organizations which provide fire protection and ambulance services to the  Village and the residents; (7) Establishments for printing, book binding, lithographing, and similar reproduction processes;  (8) Libraries, educational, and cultural centers; (9) Food establishments serving the general public, as conditionally permitted uses when authorized by the Board of Appeals pursuant to the provisions of§ 176-149 of this chapter; (10) Food establishments incidental to any other uses permitted within an ED-B District, as conditional uses when authorized by the Board of Appeals pursuant to the provisions of §176-149 of this chapter;  (11) Houses of worship, when permitted as a special exception by the Board of Trustees upon  proper written application therefor and after a public hearing on published  notice, in accordance with the following provisions: (a)  Such application shall show and be accompanied by appropriate documents and plans sufficient to indicate the size, location, and use of all buildings, facilities, and open areas, including the provisions to be made for screening, traffic flow, fencing,  parking, and lighting. (b) The Board of Trustees shall approve said application only upon finding that the proposed layout and improvements will be free of health, safety, and fire hazards; will limit the height of building and provide adequate and sufficient setbacks, screening, fencing, off-street parking, safe traffic flow, and adequate and sufficient safeguards to insure, protect, and secure the use and enjoyment of neighboring properties and the general area in which the subject premises are located, without unreasonable  interference. (c) The Board of Trustees, in approving said application, may impose such additional regulations and restrictions as it feels proper in the particular circumstances to assure the safeguards hereinabove described, and, in any event, shall require and provide that the applicant meets all of the building, site, area, yard, screening, parking and other standards set forth in this article.  (d)  Such conditions and requirements shall in all cases include limitations of the number of persons who may safely occupy the premises and any part or parts thereof at one time, ways and means of reducing noise and disturbance to the neighborhood, including limitations of hours and days during which social or nonreligious functions may be conducted, and use of such structural materials and procedures and implements, equipment and appliances as shall be necessary or appropriate to safeguard against fire, health and safety hazards and panic and shall prescribe the height, location and type of fencing.

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