Village of Plandome holds work session

Bill San Antonio

The Village of Plandome set a tentative budget of $2,737,228 for the 2013-14 fiscal year during its Monday work session and projects it will have to raise $2,480,029 in tax dollars.

Though the projected expenditure figure is $84,336 higher than last year’s total, Village Clerk Elizabeth Kaye said the board is proposing to stay within the 2 percent tax cap. 

Kaye said the board discussed the budget line by line, with the most noteworthy increases going toward repairing storm drains and increased insurance figures following Hurricane Sandy and $10,000 tentatively set aside for the 100th anniversary of the village’s fire department. 

The board has also allocated $170,000 toward its next garbage pickup contract, for which Kaye said the village is currently receiving bids. Kaye said the number will be readjusted once the board decides on a contract. Kaye said a public hearing on the budget is scheduled during the village’s board of trustees meeting April 9, where it is expected to vote the budget.

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