Village of Great Neck to update cybersecurity measures with new servers

Robert Pelaez

The Village of Great Neck board approved a proposal by Atlantic PC Inc. on Tuesday night to update two of the Village Hall’s computer servers.

Village Hall has three servers, one for the main office, one for the Building Department and one for the court. According to the village’s deputy treasurer, Abraham Cohan, two of the servers are dilapidated and should be decommissioned and replaced with newer ones.

“Two of these servers were initially set up 13 years ago, and the other one nine years ago,” Cohan said. “So there is certainly a need to update them.”

The proposal from Brian Weinberg of Atlantic PC would cost the village a total of $10,715.31, including $4,500 for labor and installation.

According to Cohan, the work will include transferring all data from the old servers to the new ones, ordering and physically installing the new servers, and installing a new secure backup system.

“If there are any issues with the servers, they will be notified immediately,” he explained. “If anything happens in the middle of the night, there is a 24-hour support service that will be able to back up our server and have it up and running in a few minutes.”

The phone system will also be updated, as the company will install a single, separate, access point so that in case of a cybersecurity breach the phone system will not be compromised.

 Cohan said the Board of Trustees considered four companies. 

“We did many comparisons, and we looked at a lot of details of what each company offered us,” Trustee Anne Mendelson said. “Size, history, background, location, we took it all into consideration.”

Mayor Pedram Bral said that he knows of other municipalities that the company is affiliated with.

The company is headquartered on Northern Boulevard in Great Neck, and, according to its website, it has been on the North Shore for 20 years, provides live remote support and offers cloud computing services tailored to each client’s specifications.

Cohan also said that of the companies that were under consideration, Atlantic PC offered the most advanced, secure and up-to-date technology.

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