Verizon seeks use of tower

Amanda Bernocco

Verizon Communications has applied to sublease the Village of Thomaston’s cell tower located at its Village Hall property, officials said Tuesday.

The cell tower is currently owned and operated by Green Tower Group. Green Tower Group currently leases the tower to AT&T and Metro PCS, trustees said.

Village of Thomaston Mayor Steven Weinberg said the proposal includes the installation of an emergency generator on site, in compliance with new federal law.

“[During Superstorm Sandy] everyone was down, which is what precipitated it and they started federal regulations,” Trustee Jill Monoson said. “The whole area was down. We lost power here for maybe 10 days.”

Efforts to reach Verizon and the Green Tower Group were unavailing.

Verizon workers would install the generator, Weinberg said, and finance its installation. 

Testing to the generator would be conducted between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. to avoid disrupting village operations, he said.

AT&T and Metro PCS currently do not have generators at the site, Weinberg said, adding the village would not have the capability of supporting generators from three mobile providers.

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