Upcoming NFT Games To Play In 2022 – Games To Earn Crypo-Currency

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Every mobile game developer wants to create an excellent game with a monetization mechanism to maximize their advertising revenue. Currently, most crypto games require players to use real money to purchase virtual reality goods, after which they can unlock advanced content. Using cryptocurrencies instead of money would make the process a lot easier for NFT gamers and the developers if applied. And now, slowly, many developers are catching up to it and can tag their digital collectibles.

But, what does this mean? Game developers realize that an in-game economy based on blockchain networks rather than on real currency can give them their rights in value and existence rather than just an in-game currency. As a result, NFT gamers can purchase, use, sell, and trade the currencies they have amassed outside of the crypto gaming industry.

Upcoming Crypto Games In 2022: 

Here’s a quick overview of the best NFT games to consider trying right now

  • Battle of Guardians – Overall Best P2E NFT Game, Editor’s Pick 
  • RaceFI – Best Metaverse NFT Game Of 2022
  • Rainmaker –  Most Popular NFT Game For 2022
  • Polygonum – Top-Rated NFT Game Offering Daily Jackpot Draws

Here are the detailed reviews of the top NFT games:

#1. Battle of Guardians – Overall Best P2E NFT Game, Editor’s Pick

This is the newest NFT play-to-earn game, built by a group of four game enthusiasts who wanted to figure out how to play different levels of Metaverse games. This is a PvP real-time multiplayer NFT game built on the Solana network, developed by Unreal Engine. As the name suggests, it is a fighting game in which players engage in multi-realm conflicts in the virtual world. BOG is a fighting game in which players compete against each other to defeat their opponents and earn rewards.

You will need to have some form of in-game currency to complete transactions in this blockchain game. Battle of Guardians Share ($BGS) and Fighting Points ($FP) are the two currencies used in the game. The second is beneficial for governance and acquiring NFT characters, among other things. Furthermore, you can stake them. The latter is a secondary currency that can be used to enter tournaments and buy NFTs.

It is a sci-fi game with long-term growth potential that is being created using the Metaverse’s fighting game principles. It features excellent graphics that make for an interesting and pleasurable gaming experience. It also has unique NFTs and many options to produce real-world revenue for the sake of the game and its participants.

#2. RaceFi – Best Metaverse NFT Game Of 2022

RaceFi is a comprehensive NFT automobile racing ecosystem in which players may race or own portions of the game and earn. All aspects of the game that can be owned are in the form of verifiably owned NFTs. RaceFi is the Solana ecosystem’s first AI/ML vehicle racing game. Players can play to earn blockchain games and money in RaceFi’s metaverse by playing various ranked game modes or by owning in-game property.

The possibilities are unlimited, whether it is a pure race or a battle race, PvP or PvE, or racers or gamblers. In the PvE mode, players can control and drive the automobile to face difficulties along the route in a limited amount of time to win $RCOIN and experience points. The race will run in the background in PvP mode to maintain fairness and reduce the negative effects of real-life environments on the game.

Every quarter, players with a high ranking on the leaderboard will be awarded. Players must upgrade their cars with battle add-ons to be eligible for battle mode, and the matches will consist of eight racers max. There will not be any time limit or finish line; instead, participants will continue to attack and compete until only one triumph car remains.

To be qualified for battle mode, players must improve their automobiles with battle add-ons. A maximum of eight racers will compete in each match, and there will be no time restriction or finish line; instead, the players will continue to attack and compete until only one winning car remains.

#3. Rainmaker – Most Popular NFT Game For 2022

Rainmaker is a high-skilled cryptocurrency and stock fantasy game program designed to educate and gather all stock/equity/crypto market enthusiasts from all over the world on a single platform to play blockchain games against one another. Simultaneously, you can discover how to make money in the stock and crypto markets by playing an online fantasy trading game, employing strategies, improving investment methods, and improving money management procedures.

Rainmaker is one of the first fantasy trading platforms that work on a basic online fantasy gaming principle in terms of user incentives. It leverages data from live events, analyses, and fluctuations in the real-time stock and worldwide cryptocurrency markets, as well as real-time exchange data. Simply download the app, create a profile, enter contests, and play to earn rewards daily.

This crypto and stock market fantasy game application is made on the basis of legal precedents that define Game-of-Skill, and it has been verified by some of the country’s most reputable gaming law firms.

It uses an easy-to-understand and widely accepted cryptocurrency and stock market fantasy gaming approach.

It enables you to win real money by using real-world crypto fantasy trading and genuine stock market emulation. Additionally, many more international stock and commodity markets will be introduced in the near future.

#4. Polygonum – Top- Rated NFT Game Offering Daily Jackpot Draws

With a real money system (POG Coin), Polygonum is a multiplayer survival simulation game where players may purchase and trade in-game objects, create their own regions, form communities, and mine coins and minerals.

The game is set in an open environment with three primary zones — PVP (player-versus-player), PVE (hunting and exploring), and FARM (farming). The single server enables customers to enroll and stay online using a variety of devices like PC and phone. Story missions, hunting, fishing, and mining are all available to those that love engaging with their surroundings.

Players who want to compete and engage with other players can do so by taking territories and fighting for them, plundering other players’ loot, and constructing barricades together to defend themselves from various threats.

Farmers who live in peace can concentrate their energies on improving their agriculture and caring for their own livestock and crops.

It was determined to divide the world into sectors based on activity regions in place to evade a disorderly overlap of activities. Binance Smart Chain is used as the game’s native currency, and it enables coin holders to participate in the game by buying and selling products on the marketplace, purchasing NFT territories, using $POG.

Upcoming NFT Games: Pros and Cons 


  • Transfer of Ownership

A participant can trade gaming treasures at any moment and receive a fair price. The buyer becomes the current owner by transferring ownership, and the transaction is recorded on the blockchain.

  • Security and Uniqueness

In-game assets cannot be replicated because they are non-fungible. So, they cannot be acquired unlawfully or lost when a blockchain game closes because they are transportable and may be saved in wallets like Trust and MetaMask.

  • Transparency

The presence and history of ownership and control are entirely unchangeable and available to the public via blockchain. Each item is also given full transparency and verified scarcity by blockchain explorers.

  • Branding and Creativity

Because NFTs can be exhibited in a variety of NFT marketplaces, they can be utilized to raise brand recognition. They can also be employed to pique new interest and adoption by incorporating new creative features into designs.


  • Concerns Over Uncertainty

Those who have purchased NFT-created crypto assets believe they have made a good investment. However, numerous experts have compared the present mania for buying these digital assets to an economic bubble that might eventually burst in NFT investing. Although numerous non-fungible tokens have demonstrated their worth and development potential, NFT digital assets still have room for over-speculation and herding.

  • Environmental Issues of Blockchain Technology

The underlying blockchain technology that drives NFT’s development has a substantial environmental impact, which is a noticeable downside.

FAQs About NFT Games & Crypto Games

Q1. How do you earn money while enjoying the best NFT games?

The game’s mechanics determine how much money you can gain while playing the top NFT games, and it also relies on what customers expect. Other players will pay you money in exchange for the NFTs or cryptocurrencies you earn in the NFT game. You will need to sell your products at a market, exchange, or auction house to make a profit.

Q2. How can you get into the gaming world?

The new crypto paradigm enables customers to spend money in the blockchain game to secure NFT products. You store these products in your inventory or NFT wallet, and as more players join the game, the need for these items rises, allowing you to sell them for real money. The cash earned from these NFTs goes towards funding the NFT game’s play-to-earn function, which is available on mobiles, consoles, and PCs both online and offline.

Q3. What is a crypto wallet?

A crypto wallet is a secure storage location for your digital valuables. The most common types of crypto wallets are non-custody wallets, hosted wallets, and hardware wallets.

Q4. What are the similarities and differences between NFTs and cryptocurrency?

NFTs are not cryptocurrencies, but they are based on Ethereum and Bitcoin-like technologies. NFTs, similar to cryptocurrencies, are stored on a blockchain, which confirms their unique identification and ownership. In addition, the blockchain keeps track of in-game transactions involving the NFT and the asset it represents. The Ethereum blockchain is home to a large number of NFTs.

Q5. What are NFTs, and how do they work?

NFTs are the current craze, and they are non-fungible digital tokens that designate an asset as the original, unique, and uncommon one. They cannot be exchanged with one another because fungible goods might substitute another item of the same category.

Q6. What are the best places to look for NFTs?

NFTs may be found on a variety of sites that allow users to submit an asset and convert it into something with a token that others can purchase. Digital art, decentralized virtual worlds, gaming clips, trading cards, and social media memorabilia, among other things, are current digital assets with NFTs. NFTs can be found in almost anything that can be gathered.

Conclusion – Which Is The Best NFT Game To Play & Earn Cryptocurrency? 

By sharing this list of the best NFT games and providing you with useful information, we hope we guided you on the right path to your next favorite NFT game.

As a puzzle component, the above-mentioned NFT games have successfully melded into the gaming business. NFT gamers relish some of the popular gaming genres while simultaneously partaking at the vanguard of the current NFT trend, as they are incredibly interesting and rewarding.

We believe this list contains great NFT games which will enable players to both win and have fun while doing it. They cover different genres, so we are certain there is something for everyone. No matter which one you choose, it will bring you many fun times and winnings.

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