Uncontested commissioner races across Great Neck on Dec. 11

Janelle Clausen
Robert Lincoln, Steve Reiter and Brian Morris, incumbent commissioners in their respective districts, are all running in uncontested races.
Robert Lincoln, Steve Reiter and Brian Morris, incumbent commissioners in their respective districts, are all running in uncontested races.

All seems quiet on the special district election front in Great Neck, with commissioner races in the Great Neck Park District, Great Neck Water Pollution Control District and Manhasset-Lakeville Fire and Water District all being uncontested.

The elections will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 11.

Robert “Bob” Lincoln has been serving on the Great Neck Park District Board of Commissioners since 2001 and is seeking a seventh term.

In a previous interview, Lincoln said he is hoping to be a part of projects like completing a community needs survey and possibly creating an indoor recreational center. This follows years of seeking to modernize and maintain park district facilities while staying on a “financially stable base.”

“I think we have some interesting things on the horizon that I would really like to be a part of,” Lincoln said.

The park district’s jurisdiction spans most of the Great Neck peninsula, save for Saddle Rock, Lake Success, Great Neck Estates, Harbor Hills and University Gardens, according to the district website.

Polls will be open from 1 to 9 p.m.

Polling locations include the Great Neck House at 14 Arrandale Ave., Manhasset-Lakeville Firehouse at 97 Jayson Ave., and the Great Neck Social Center at 80 Grace Ave.

Steve Reiter, a commissioner of the Great Neck Water Pollution Control District, is seeking a third term with the district spanning much of Great Neck and part of Manhasset.

Like Lincoln, Reiter said he wants to see through a number of projects like upgrading the district’s three anaerobic digesters, adding a third micro-turbine, and building the county’s first grease receiving station.

“I’m pretty happy to be running again with everything that’s going on,” Reiter said.

Voters in the northern half of the district can vote at the Great Neck House at 14 Arrandale Ave. between 1 and 9 p.m. The polling place for voters in the southern half is at the Great Neck Social Center at 80 Grace Ave.

Brian Morris, a three-term commissioner for the Manhasset-Lakeville Fire and Water District, which include Manhasset, portions of Great Neck, and North New Hyde Park, is seeking his fourth term as the district embarks on “aggressive capital improvement programs.”

Morris said he feels that his experience as a firefighter and former chief of the Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department continues to be an asset.

“My family and I have been active in the Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department for over 50 years,” Morris said. “I felt and still feel that my experience as a volunteer firefighter and past chief are a value to the community.”

Asked about what he accomplished and what he hopes to do in his next term, Morris said he wants to continue what he’s doing now.

“The goals remain the same,” Morris said. “Provide potable water for drinking and fire protection at a reasonable cost. To give our volunteers what they need to protect us while keeping our taxes low.”

Voting will take place between noon and 9 p.m.

Polling places for the election will be at four Manhasset-Lakeville firehouses: Company 1, 35 Bayview Ave., Manhasset, Company 3, 25 Prospect St., Great Neck, Company 4, 97 Jayson Ave., Great Neck, and Company 5, 21 78th Ave., New Hyde Park.

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