Town touts efforts to fill potholes

Bill San Antonio

Approximately 350 potholes reported to the Town of North Hempstead’s highway department between December and mid March have been filled, town officials announced Monday.

While it was unclear how many reported potholes have still not been filled, officials said the town filled 19 more than it did during the same span – between December 1, 2014 and March 18, 2015 – in 2013-14.

Potholes may be reported through the town’s 311 call center, website or “My North Hempstead” mobile application, which uses GPS tracking to pinpoint their exact location, officials said.

“You simply take a photo of the pothole and press ‘send,’” North Hempstead Town Supervisor Judi Bosworth said in a statement.

North Hempstead Highway Superintendent Tom Tiernan said the town uses up to 48 tons of hot asphalt a day to fill potholes each spring.

Asphalt is stored in 300-degree ovens pulled behind highway trucks to form what officials call “hot boxes.” 

The town currently has six “hot boxes” in operation.

“Right now we are fortunate to have enough hot asphalt to fill our needs and our potholes,” Tiernan said.

Potholes are filled by removing loose debris from the hole, shoveling in asphalt and then leveling it off with a steam roller, officials said.

“Some of the bigger potholes can take up to a ton of material,” he said.

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