The Board of Trustees of the Village of Kings Point



The Board of Trustees of the Village of Kings Point, at a regular meeting held on Monday, September 13, 2021, duly adopted Local Law 18 of 2021, which reads as follows:Local Law 18 of 2021, A local law modifying the provisions of Chapter 161 of the Code of the Village of Kings Point with regard to shoreline yards, heights of flat roofs, and flag lots.Be it enacted by the Board of Trustees of the Village Kings Point.Section 1. †The definition of Shoreline Yard in ß 161-3, Definitions, of Chapter 161, Zoning, of the Code of the Village of Kings Point, is hereby amended to read as follows:ìSHORELINE YARDAn open, unoccupied space extending across the full width of the lot above the mean-high-water line, measured from and parallel to all abutting shorelines, the greater of the following distances:A. sixty feet; orB. the average setback from the shoreline of the main buildings on the adjacent lots which abut the shoreline, within a distance of 200 feet.Notwithstanding the foregoing, in no event shall the setback be greater than the shoreline setback of an existing single-family dwelling on the same lot.îSection 2. †The first sentence of subsection A, of ß 161-30.4, Height limitations, of said Chapter 161, is hereby amended to read as follows:ìNo building with a flat roof shall exceed 28 feet in height, except as provided in subsection D hereof.îSection 3. †Subsection D, of said ß 161-30.4, is hereby amended to read as follows:ìD. The Architectural and Preliminary Site Review Board, in its sole discretion, has the authority to modify the height restrictions of Subsection A of this section to the extent set forth below, so long as the overall appearance of the proposed structure will continue to meet the standards for approval set forth in this chapter and would aesthetically enhance the community by such modification:(1) With regard to finials and other decorative elements;(2) With regard to a roof, other than a flat roof, so long as the peak of such roof shall not exceed 40 feet;(3) With regard to a flat roof, up 30 feet, so long as not more than 60% of the roof does not exceed 28 feet.In the event that a modification is granted for the height of the roof, the Board may modify the height restrictions with regard to the chimneys for such dwelling to assure compliance with any minimum clearance between the roof and the top of the chimney that may be required by any New York State Building and Fire Code requirements or other safety considerations, or to complement the style or enhance the aesthetics of the proposed dwelling.îSection 4. †Article V, Provisions Applicable to All Districts, of said Code, is hereby amended by adding a new ß 161-36.5, to read as follows: ìß 161-36.5. †Flag lots.Notwithstanding any other provision of this code, the development of a lot for a single-family dwelling shall be permitted so long as it has street frontage of not less than 40 feet and a continuous lot width from the street of not less than 40 feet to a point at which the lot would widens to the extent that, excluding the former described narrower width, the lot meets all of the required lot width, lot depth, and lot area requirements to construct a single-family dwelling in that zoning district, except that in an A2 Residence District, the lot does not have to have a lot depth greater than 150 feet for the first 150 feet of lot width.îSection 5. Effective date. †This local law shall take effect immediately.Dated: †Kings Point, New YorkSeptember 13, 2021 BY ORDER OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEESVILLAGE OF KINGS POINTGomie

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