The Best Halloween Bongs To Gift Your Friends In 2022

Nikhil Goswami

Halloween is at our doorstep and if you’re done prepping your home with all sorts of eerie decorations then it’s high time you get into the spirit of mischief and spookiness.  From adding an outstanding Halloween themed bong to your collection to gifting your stoner friends something exceptional, Dope Boo has you covered. So, here are our top picks for this Halloween.

18″ * 9mm Beaker Bong Black Top Pumpkin

This Halloween is going to be extra devious with this 18″ * 9mm Beaker Bong Black Top Pumpkin. It is an excellent choice to add the quintessential thrill to your holidays while delivering functionality. You will get a bowl and a downstem with this 18″ * 9mm Beaker Bong. All you have to do is add your choice of flower, concentrate, and water. Clouds of vapor will begin to travel from the bowl into the diffuser through the downstem and finally into the roomy chamber of the beaker resulting in percolation delivering smooth, soft inhales. Are you interested in a refreshing effect and cooling sensation? Drop a couple of ice cubes into the ice pinch through the neck. This ideal 18″ beaker bong is best suited for Halloween with its graphic pumpkin design.  It guarantees durability with its thick 9mm glass and is undoubtedly a preferable choice for your home. This Halloween, Dope Boo is offering extraordinary discounts and offers.  The 18″ * 9mm Beaker Bong Black Top Pumpkin is available at a mind-blowing discount to get the spooky season rolling. 

Kayd Mayd 20.75″ The Duo Exotic Water Pipe

The 3D Printed Duo Water Pipe from Kayd Mayd is 20″ tall and presents a double bowl setup. The impressive 3D printed glass makes it a stunning choice to boost the beauty of your home or gift it to someone special. The water pipe comes with a herb slide and diffused downstem. These pipes are designed for durability and are shatter resistant. It can even withstand repeated drops straight onto solid concrete. You can carry the 3D Printed Duo Water Pipe to wherever you go. The beautiful color pattern stands out because each pipe has a unique composition.  The in-built Bic and Chipper lighted holster ensures a relaxing and enjoyable smoking session with friends. This cute Halloween bong is on sale at Dope Boo. Hurry, before it runs out of stock!

Hemper UFO Vortex Bong

Are you ready for a smooth and flavor packed ride into space? Then, Hemper UFO Vortex Bong is the choice for you. Not only will your vapors be cooled but your terpenes will be preserved as well. This is possible because of the dual-chamber rig that’s a combination of two technologies – human and alien. The 6-slit inline percolator present in the bottom chamber offers maximum diffusion. The upper chamber comes with several venturi inlets that will draw and spin air into a whirlpool offering flavorful and smooth vapor.  It’s time to add this quintessential Halloween smoking essential to your collection. 

Iridescent Champagne Glass Disco Beaker with Banger Bowl and Dabber

How fascinating does the 8″ tall shimmering Champagne Glass Disco Beaker appear? It’s not only appealing but also offers durability with its 38mm heavy wall borosilicate tubing. This spectacular bong features a quartz banger with 2mm walls and 4mm base, a titanium iridescent dabber and funnel flower bowl. If you enjoy a pop of color as much as you love Halloween then this Iridescent Champagne Glass Disco Beaker with Banger Bowl and Dabber is the go to choice.  The multi – colored decals are enough to dazzle anyone. Champagne Glass Disco Beaker comes with handmade pipes. It’s a limited edition Disco inspired beaker with a banger bowl and dabber. Make sure to grab one before it runs out of stock. The Halloween Sale is live and you can avail unbelievable discounts, deals, and offers on every purchase. Don’t miss out on the horror themed bongs. 

Boo Blowout – Boo Glass 17″ Super Thick Classic Beaker Bong

If you wish to purchase something that flaunts a classic style while being one of the best beaker bongs in the market, then this is the ultimate choice. It will prove to be an outstanding gift for your stoner friend this Halloween.  The Boo Glass 17″ Super Thick Classic Beaker Bong is stable, solid, durable, and perfect for daily use. It is 17″ tall with a male 14mm glass bowl and presents diffused downstem. The Boo Glass 17″ Super Thick Classic Beaker Bong is a limited edition product available at Dope Boo and is currently on sale. What are you waiting for? Hurry!

Snoop Dogg Pounds SFO Dual Use Water Pipe 

The Snoop Pounds SFO Dual Use Water Pipe is a premium quality product that is designed for the elite. You can cherish smoking sessions anywhere with the Snoop Dogg Pounds SFO Dual Use Water Pipe. Designed in the form of a pyramid, the 7.5″ water pipe is best suited for concentrates and herbs. The wide base and inline ruffle percolator further uplifts the experience. 

Hemper – Gaming Flower XL Bong

The one of a kind design of the Gaming Flower XL Bong is inspired by mushrooms. The distinctive water sprouts that deliver unbelievable levels of filtration in the water chamber. Sit back and relax smooth yet big rips with the Gaming Flower XL Bong. It features a coin splash guard and large mushroom percolator.  This mushroom bong is extremely popular and is currently on sale at Dope Boo. One is bound to be attracted by the impressive artwork on the bong. Be it for someone special or your own home, this Gaming Flower XL Bong is a must have. 

Enjoy the spooky nights with Halloween Bongs. The Halloween collection at Dope Boo screams of quirky design, creepy charm, and affordability. Your smoke sessions need a touch of eeriness with witchy bongs. Dope Boo is offering an additional 10% discount on its Halloween Collection. You can purchase your favorite smoking essentials at unbelievable prices or gift it to someone special. 

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