Desk of Ehrbar: Take precautions to avoid burglaries

Paul Ehbar

The Neighborhood Watch Committee has asked that I put out information regarding home safety. 

A few burglaries have taken place in the village while homes have been unoccupied. It is advisable to take precautions whenever leaving your home, for whatever reason. 

Whether going to work for the day or taking a short trip to the store, be aware of the following tips. Make sure garbage cans are not left at the curb all day. 

If at work, ask a neighbor to pull the cans around back. 

Also ask neighbors to take any packages that may have been delivered to their home, the same with mail.  

If going away, have mail and newspaper delivery stopped.  

Leave lights on, use timers when possible. Leaving a radio on can be good. Make sure all windows and doors are locked. Talk to your neighbors and keep a watch on each others house. If you notice suspicious behavior taking place call 911 immediately. 

Don’t wait, the quicker the call, the quicker police will arrive at the scene. 

The goal is to make the house look occupied.  

Stand back, look at your house. Are there changes that can be made to help discourage a burglary? 

While this crime is not a common occurrence in the Village it is best to be proactive.   

The Neighborhood Watch Program, coupled with resident support has helped to continue to make Williston Park the safe community it is.   

All residents are encouraged to place a Neighborhood Watch decal in their window to alert potential burglars that we are a community that is proactive in keeping our village safe. 

To obtain a NW decal, please stop by the Village Hall or call your block captain.

Hopefully snow storms are finished for the season. 

If not, I’d liked to remind all to keep all vehicles off the road when a snow storm is predicted. If it does snow do not place snow in the street while using a snow blower. 

By following these requests, our staff is helped in their efforts to keep the streets open and safe. 

It’s an advantage to all if emergency vehicles are able to respond to all areas of the village without having to take alternate routes due to an inability to travel down a road blocked by snowed in vehicles.

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