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Viewpoint: Honor mothers by respecting their right to self-determination

To be the best mother she can be, a woman needs the

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Readers Write: Trump tax cuts, foreign policy boost U.S.

Ken Grossman should focus some of his attention to very recent history

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Readers Write: Welcome to Donald Trump’s America

By now we are all familiar with phrases like "zero tolerance," "tender-age

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All things political: Federal tax breaks are specially crafted for Trump’s benefit

Have you ever watched a horror movie with your hands over your

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A Look On The Lighter Side: Four truths and a curious lack of concern

After the attacks on our nation on Sept. 11, 2001, suppose that

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Kremer’s Corner: Trump good or bad you decide

This past week I received a few not so pleasant letters in

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Readers Write: Trump accomplishments you won’t see on CNN, MSNBC

June 4, 2018 marked President Trump's first 500 days in office.  Inasmuch

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Readers Write: Are Trump’s actions debasing American values?

Historically, great civilizations declined when their moral fabrics unraveled. One needs not

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Readers Write: You’re joking. Right?

A rebuttal to Helen Jaeger of Willison Park (Aug. 3, 2018, Great

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Kremer’s Corner: Jan. 6 cuts many ways and many people

Everyone knows what happened on January 6, 2021. Most Americans know it

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Readers Write: Trump keeps word, moves U.S. embassy to Jerusalem

Jerusalem is now recognized as the capital of Israel by the U.S.

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Readers Write: Trump’s apparent ignorance of  history

In a Memorial Day entry on Twitter (05-28-18), it seems our current

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