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Avena backs public input on waterfront planning

After a heated first meeting of the Manorhaven Waterfront Committee, with members

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Manorhaven Waterfront Committee draws residents ire

The first meeting of the Manhorhaven Waterfront Committee on Wednesday was marked

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Waterfront committee devotes meeting to public

Manorhaven Waterfront Committee members last Wednesday devoted their second meeting to gathering

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Manorhaven waterfront groups gets new chair

Donald Badeczewski will replace Guy La Motta as chairman of the Manorhaven

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Thypin Steel says moratorium not legal

The lawyer representing the 11-acre Thypin Steel property in Manorhaven said the

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Waterfront committee members lay out plans

Members of the Manorhaven Waterfront Committee on Monday submitted outlines of their

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Residents to be heard at next waterfront meeting

Residents will have a chance to voice their ideas for the future

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Residents lay out plans for Manorhaven waterfront

Manorhaven residents on Wednesday urged the village's waterfront advisory committee to seek

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Manorhaven waterfront analysis calls for public access to the water

A waterfront analysis of Manorhaven, released this week by Cameron Engineering &

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Readers Write: Just first step of Manorhaven waterfront process

While I no longer live in Manorhaven, I did live in the

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