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Readers Write: Setting the record straight on LED lights

Great Neck News columnist, Karen Rubin, in her 2/16/2018 report entitled “G.N.’s

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Reades Write: Letter-writer misrepresents column

Judy Rosenthal charges that she did not say there was a “secret

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North Hills considers transitioning to LED lights

North Hills trustees were cautious about discussing potentially converting the village's lights

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Readers Write: LED critics fails to make reasonable case

On Friday, Feb. 16, Karen Rubin, columnist for the Great Neck News, published

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Readers Write: LED lights a welcome addition in VGN

It is amusing to see how much prose Rebecca Gilliar invested in

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Great Neck trustees hear LED lights plan

The Village of Great Neck plans to move forward with the installation of new

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Readers Write: Peer-reviewed studies back LED health fears

Carl Abraham’s  April 6 letter is mistitled (“Science doesn’t back LED opposition”) —

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LED lights spark debate at Great Neck Village meeting

Village of Great Neck trustees reiterated on Tuesday at a sometimes contentious

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Readers Write: Fair government fails in Village of Great Neck

“Fear Monger!” he cried. Not once, but on multiple occasions, the mayor

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NYCLU representative concerned about pairing smart city system with LED lights in Great Neck

The director of the New York Civil Liberties Union’s Nassau County chapter

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Readers Write: An insider’s guide to ‘bullying’ in VGN gov

Act 1, Scene 1: “Camera moves into Close-up of mayor rolling his

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