Super Speciosa Review in 2024: Is It Legit?

Suvrat Singh
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In the 21st century, scientists, researchers, and doctors have found plants and herbs to hold great medicinal value. More professionals recommend using supplements from plants instead of depending on over-the-counter drugs. Since the plants and herbs are natural, they have limited cases of side effects; hence, users develop a very healthy lifestyle.


For instance, kratom, a coffee family plant, is one of these herbs that has blown the industry by providing numerous health benefits. The herb is a tropical plant native to Southeast Asia. Also, you can find it in forested areas in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Myanmar, among many others. Kratom producers harvest, dry, and crush kratom for various health roles. They can enhance mood and treat pain. Also, they can treat fatigue, depression, diarrhea, and muscle cramps.


Because the medical values of kratom are evident, many vendors entered the market to meet the high demand for the herb. Therefore, it is a huge challenge to the buyers, especially beginners, to decide which brand offers high-grade kratoms. However, reputable brands led by Super Speciosa have earned themselves a top rank and a vast consumer network.


Indeed, Super Speciosa kratom warriors have got the must-try kratom products. It offers one of the best kratom strains for pain relief. The brand itself is a member of the American Kratom Association. It makes its products as per the organization’s standards. We dare you to keep reading and discover if Super Speciosa is a hit or miss in the scope of Kratom products. 

Super Speciosa Overview

Super Speciosa is one of the most well-known kratom vendors in the US. The brand has received tremendous acclaim from customers worldwide for its vibrant product variety, including powders, capsules, tablets, tea blends, extracts, shots, softgels, and more!


Plus, this is one of the best kratom vendors for providing safe and effective kratom products. The brand tests each batch of its kratom product in independent third-party labs and provides test reports on the product pages. This kratom vendor also provides a detailed view of the ingredients used in each product to maintain complete transparency.


A major player in the kratom industry since 2016, Super Speciosa has been recognized by the American Kratom Association (AKA) and strictly adheres to the manufacturing and quality standards set up by Great Manufacturing Practices (GMP). 

Brand Assessment

Super Speciosa is a premier brand in the kratom industry, which sets itself apart by its commitment to quality and safety. They use only organic and pure kratom imported from Southeast Asia to create their range of kratom products. 


The brand stands out as a unique option from other kratom vendors. It offers full transparency by providing information about its return and pricing policies on the website. They back the quality of their products by providing a convenient 30-day return policy.


This kratom vendor also provides cost-effective and expedited shipping options through Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express to deliver your desired kratom products within 2-5 days, depending on your location.


The brand not only provides high-quality, safe kratom strains but also educates customers on selecting and using them effectively. It caters to retail and wholesale markets, supporting small businesses with bulk supplies at favorable rates. 

Brand Reputation

Everyone who has tried Super Speciosa kratom strains can testify that their products deliver results per the company’s claims. The company achieves 100% customer satisfaction through its supportive customer care team. Through live chats and emails, it attends to customer queries and opinions concerning its products and services. Besides that, the brands’ experience in the kratom industry has made it grow to offer bulk buying at wholesale rates. From consumers to retailers, Super Speciosa ensures everyone is sorted accordingly.

Brand Specialties

The reason why many kratom users like Super Speciosa is not only due to its high-grade and safe kratom. Other key features have placed the company at the top of the game. These features majorly involve the customer support services, and they include:


Transparency is the key factor you should consider when looking for a good kratom vendor. The factor determines the authenticity of the brand, the products, and the services it offers.


Super Speciosa is a true definition of utmost authenticity regarding transparency. The company hides nothing from its customers. It clearly explains how it operates through its terms and conditions, and there are no hidden charges.


Also, the packages of their kratoms have a scannable QR code display. As a customer, you can scan the QR code to reveal the details of the lab test certificate of that particular product. The lab test certificate helps users attest to the potency and quality. Also, it can detect the absence or presence of any contaminants, heavy metals, or toxins.

Wholesale Rates

Super Speciosa is the ideal plug for people planning to venture into the kratom industry as retailers. The company offers kratom in bulk at wholesale rates. Regardless of the quantity you order, it provides them with the same high quality. Of course, some other kratom vendors offer bulk buying. However, Super Speciosa is a special dealer with affordable wholesale rates that promises increased customer dependence on the brand.

Rewards Program

Super Speciosa is never left behind in providing enticing rewards and special offers. The rewards program allows customers to earn five points for every purchase, amounting to one dollar. You can redeem the accumulated points and use them to buy more kratom strains. To get these rewards, you must subscribe to the brand’s website. The subscription not only lets you enjoy rewards but also exclusive discounts and updates on their new products and promotions.

Return Policy

Super Speciosa offers everything that would make them achieve 100% customer happiness. The brand tries its best to help the customer have a nice shopping experience. When unhappy with the brand’s kratoms, you should not worry about losing your money either. Super Speciosa accepts returns within 30 days after ordering their products. The refunds are made by filling out their online form, whereby money gets deposited in the customer’s wallet within 3 days after authorizing the refund. What’s more, the refund policy includes the cost of the products and the shipping costs as well.


You don’t have to worry about how your favorite kratom gets to you since Super Speciosa caters to that. The company collaborates with Priority Mail Express to deliver customer orders to the doorstep through the United States Postal Service (USPS). They ship all orders discreetly to preserve customer privacy.


Although Super Speciosa doesn’t provide exact delivery dates, it assures customers to deliver orders from their warehouse to the post office on time. The company’s shipping policies are stated on its website to avoid customer inconveniences.


Besides offering USPS shipping, the company also offers UPS shipping as an alternative way to ensure customers get their orders on time. UPS shipping is ideal for people in the southeastern U.S. However, note that UPS does not operate on Saturdays, but the USPS does. Also, Super Speciosa does not ship in some states where kratoms are prohibited. So, always check with local law enforcement agencies and confirm whether using kratoms in your location is legal before ordering.

Affiliate Program

Super Speciosa invites more people to earn with them through affiliate programs by selling high-grade kratoms. The program involves filling out their partner affiliate form online. The successful affiliate partners earn a 20% commission on all referral sales. They use advanced software to track all referrals you bring to them and pay you for that.

Super Speciosa Kratom Products

Super Speciosa is one of the most popular kratom vendors in the US for its diverse product variety. Here’s a brief summary of some of the standout products offered by the brand:

Kratom Capsules

Kratom capsules from Super Speciosa are available in 18 forms, including on-the-go and full-pack variations. Each capsule is dosed precisely with a certain amount of kratom and is very convenient to take. The Green Maeng Da kratom capsule stands out for its balanced energy boost. 

Kratom Tablets

Kratom tablets from the brand are similar to capsules, without the gelatin covering. They offer the same benefits as the capsules but are more suitable for vegetarians and vegans who don’t want to consume animal-based gelatin. Red Bali Kratom tablet is among the most popular for its relaxing effects.

Kratom Powder

The brand features over 10 varieties of high-quality kratom powder, which have received great ratings for potency and quality. Their White Thai Kratom powder and Signature Reserve selection are particularly popular for their energizing effects. The brand makes its powders from finely powdered organic kratom leaves. 

Kratom Gummies

For those who want to experiment with a new type of kratom product, Super Speciosa also offers kratom gummies in 8 different varieties. Their Blueberry Extra Strength and Fruit Punch Kratom gummies are the most popular and have received tremendous recognition from customers online. 

Kratom Extracts

The brand provides a selection of pure kratom extracts, including Jolt kratom extract softgels that stand out among the rest. Slingshot liquid kratom extract is another option for supporting energy levels. The brand uses natural flavors to provide a pleasant taste.

Kratom Liquids

The kratom liquids by Super Speciosa are perfect for those who prefer a more concentrated dose of kratom for pain relief or chronic anxiety. Kratom tincture watermelon and kava shot are their best liquids for stress relief, clarity, and energy. They come in delicious flavors, and the tincture has a convenient dropper mechanism for precise dosing.

Kratom Tea bags

If you’re a little old school in how you like your kratom, Super Speciosa offers 8 varieties of kratom tea blends in different strains and flavors. The Kratom Berry tea blend and Kratom Chai tea blend have received the most positive reviews from customers online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Super Speciosa is a legitimate kratom vendor that has been operational in the US since 2016. It has a certification from the American Kratom Association (AKA) and adheres to the standards set for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), further proving its legitimacy and quality. 

Of course. Super Speciosa offers a new customer discount of 15%, which you can enjoy on your first order. The brand also provides sample packs and discounts on kratom products if you sign up for email/text newsletters. Additionally, the brand offers discounts on bulk kratom purchases.

The company makes the affiliate program payments monthly. In addition, they send all earnings in a given month to the partners’ PayPal accounts, where they can access the funds.

Yes, you can use a credit card to shop at the company. Whether you want to pay via Visa or MasterCard, simply select your card option to authorize payments.

Yes, you can change your shipping address. Immediately contact the company customer care once you realize you entered the wrong address. The company will help change your order’s destination by placing a request on the USPS website.

The company provides a well-explained order of shipping on its website. This includes an outbound view of the states it ships and their transit times. In addition, they sent an order tracking information to the buyer within 24 hours after placing the order.

Conclusion: Is Super Speciosa the Best Vendor for Kratom Products?

According to in-depth research by our experts, Super Speciosa is a legitimate kratom vendor. It offers a range of kratom products, such as gummies, capsules, powders, tablets, and tea bags, so there is something for everyone. 


Kratom products from Super Speciosa have garnered 10,000+ positive reviews from customers worldwide, testifying to the excellence and quality of their kratom. Plus, the brand prioritizes customer safety by testing all of its kratom product batches in third-party labs.


Super Speciosa has emerged as one of the best kratom brands because it offers free samples upon signing up, new customer discounts, off on bulk purchases, and more, balancing quality and affordability.

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