Statue at St. Peter of Alcantara Church vandalized

Jessica Parks

Parishioners of St. Peter of Alcantara Church in Port Washington aren’t greeted with a wave but with quite the opposite: a Jesus statue that is missing all of its fingers.

The defaced statue sits at the entrance of the church’s driveway and faces Port Washington Boulevard.

Detective Sgt. Thomas McCarthy of the Port Washington Police Department said the vandalism was reported on May 8 by church officials.

One finger had fallen off earlier, and McCarthy said the other nine fingers were reported missing. Someone later found the fingers and gave them to a crossing guard at the church who took them to the church.  

The Police Department does not have any suspects but has ruled out hate crime as a reason for the damage.

McCarthy said after checking with the Nassau County Police Department it appeared that there have been no similar incidents nearby.

Church officials could not be reached for comment.

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