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Students at Sousa Elementary learned how to use Epi-Pens for Allergy Awareness Week. (Photo courtesy of the Port Washington School District)

The Port Washington Union Free School District’s John P. Sousa Elementary School fed into allergy awareness for the building’s Allergy Awareness Week in October. Through creative activities and innovative instruction, students were able to participate and learn about living with allergies and the impacts it can have on their peers’ lives.

To kick off the week, each student was asked the question, “When you hear the word ‘allergy’, what words pop into your head?” Responses were compiled and displayed in the main lobby, sparking conversation throughout the building. The literacy activity engaged students to develop a better understanding of what allergies are and the impact they have on people.

In each grade level, students engaged in a myriad of activities. In kindergarten, first and second grade classes, students virtually welcomed parent volunteers into their classrooms to read books about allergies. Third grade classes received  Beanie Babies with food allergies, with explicit instructions to care for them and keep them healthy. In preparation for Halloween, fourth grade students painted teal wooden pumpkins, indicating that their houses have allergy-friendly options for trick-or-treating. Finally, the fifth-grade students learned how to properly administer an Epi-Pen, instructed by Judith Lavelle-Carroll, RN and school nurse at Sousa.

Submitted by the Port Washington School District

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