Sontag, Jacob win unopposed library elections

Robert Pelaez
Scott Sontag and Steve Jacob won their respective and unopposed elections for the library on Monday.

Scott J. Sontag retained his seat on the Great Neck Library’s Board of Trustees in an election Monday, and Steve M. Jacob was elected to succeed Patrick McDonnell on the Nominating Committee. Both candidates were unopposed.

Over 100 votes were cast.

Sontag, a software engineer, received 96 votes and will serve a term that ends in January 2024.

Before the election, Sontag said, “I was eager to run again because I want to keep making the library an even better place than it already is for the kids.”

Sontag also said he wanted to find ways to better publicize library events and programs.

Jacob received 99 votes and will have a seat on the Nominating Committee for the next three years, ending in January 2023.

Before the election, Jacob said the library should be considered by everyone who visits as a “third space” away from home and work or school.

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