Sky’s the limit for Herricks’ new staff members

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At a new staff member orientation for Herricks Public Schools, educators participated in Project Adventure obstacle courses. (Photo courtesy of Herricks Public Schools)

Herricks Public Schools welcomed this year’s new staff members with an orientation program that featured a twist. In addition to attending sessions that familiarized them with their workplaces, departments and procedures, the new staff members engaged in an afternoon of teambuilding throu

Caterina Fox hang off the high elements course.
(Photo courtesy of Herricks Public Schools)

gh Project Adventure obstacle courses.

In the courtyard of Herricks High School, they took on problem-solving challenges that require collaboration, connection and support.

Brave teachers, administrators and other staff members navigated an assortment of high elements courses in which they were suspended at the height of a telephone pole. They utilized balance and hand-eye coordination skills to walk a tightrope and were met with cheers of encouragement from colleagues.

Attendees also took on a ground-level, low elements course as a group. Together they strategized, found solutions and helped one another in order to successfully tackle missions while adhering to strict rules.

The outdoor learning area was built by the company Visionary Adventure, who were on-site to safely harness the participants and guide them through the vertical playpens.

New administrators Loren Borgese, Diana DeGiorgio, Brian McConaghy and Matthew Hubbard at the orientation.
(Photo courtesy of Herricks Public Schools)

The three-day orientation also focused on technology use, professional development opportunities, pupil personnel services and special education, business office procedures and the Danielson Framework for Teaching Rubric. Superintendent Fino Celano, along with members of the board of education, administration, Herricks Teachers Association and Parent Teacher Associations, greeted the new staff members with welcoming remarks.

Bus tours and building orientations taught them about the Herricks community and allowed them to settle in to their new surroundings.

Herricks welcomes the following new staff members: Loren Borgese, Diana DeGiorgio, Matthew Hubbard, Brian McConaghy, Caitlin Breen, Jamie Callahan, Caterina Fox, Christina Juarbe, Rose M. Lavelle, Loredana Losso, Samantha Martone, Emily McGibbon, Jennifer Phelan, Alexa (Borresen) Riegel, Bridget Sheerin, Kristen Silk, Geoffrey Stone, Tova Umlauf, LLilian S. Vera and Caitlin Whitaker.

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