Six North Shore schools make top 50 in state in U.S. News rankings

Bill San Antonio

Six North Shore area high schools ranked in the top 50 in New York in new state and national rankings compiled annually by U.S. News & World Report.

William A. Shine Great Neck South High School (No. 22), the Manhasset Secondary School (No. 23), Herricks High School (No. 30), Paul D. Schreiber High School (No. 38), North Shore Senior High School (No. 41) and Roslyn High School (No. 42) were included in the upper tier of the publication’s New York rankings.

For its rankings, U.S. News and World Report analyzed 1,259 high schools from 663 districts throughout the United States on a variety of metrics, including its student-teacher ratio, the percentage of its student population that take advanced-placement-level courses and whether students are deemed proficient in math and English.

Though eight high schools made the publication’s list of the top 217 in New York, no school was ranked in the top 100 nationally.

With its 11-to-1 student-teacher ratio, Great Neck South (No. 138 nationally) had 81 percent of students involved in advanced-placement courses, with 93 percent proficient in math and 97 proficient in English.

Manhasset (No. 139 nationally), having ranked one spot below Great Neck South in both the state and national ranking, has a 14-to-1 student-teacher ratio and 84 percent of its students enrolled in advanced-placement courses, according to the publication, with 93 percent deemed proficient in math and 97 percent proficient in English.

Herricks High School (No. 201 nationally) had a 13-to-11 student-teacher ratio, or 1,333 to 100, as well as 77 percent of students in AP classes and a 90 percent proficiency rate in math and a 98 percent proficiency in English.

Rated 283rd nationally, Schrieber had a 90 percent proficiency rate in math and a 92 percent rate in English. 

With a 13-to-1 student-teacher ratio, 68 percent of the Port Washington school’s students take AP classes.

Located in Glen Head, North Shore (No. 340 nationally) had an 11-to-1 student-teacher ratio and 75 percent of its students in advanced-placement classes. According to the publication, 99 percent of students are proficient in English, with 88 percent proficient in math.

Roslyn High School had an 88 percent proficiency rate in math and 96 percent proficiency in English. With 1,033 students to 89 teachers, Roslyn had a 12-to-1 student-teacher ratio.

Four of the five Sewanhaka Central School District high schools were included in the state rankings, with two — New Hyde Park Memorial (No. 70) and Floral Park Memorial (No. 76) — in the top 100.

New Hyde Park High School was No. 653 nationally, with a 15-to-1 student-teacher ratio and 54 percent of its population taking advanced-placement classes. In math, 96 percent of students were deemed proficient, with 98 percent in English.

Floral Park ranked 712th nationally, with 89 percent of students deemed proficient in math and 95 percent proficient in English. It has a 16-to-1 student-teacher ratio.

Outside the top 100 in New York were H. Frank Carey High School (No. 130, No. 1,264 nationally) and Sewanhaka High School (No. 142, No. 1,384 nationally).

Approximately 39 percent of Carey students had taken advanced-placement courses, though 95 percent of students scored proficiently in math and 93 percent in English. 

At Sewanhaka, 36 percent of students had taken advanced-placement courses, but U.S. News found 85 percent of students to be proficient in math and 95 percent to be proficient in English.

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