Six incumbents, six races uncontested in New Hyde Park, Floral Park

James Galloway

It takes only eight words to sum up the upcoming elections in New Hyde Park and Floral Park: six positions, six incumbent candidates and no contests.

All the incumbents are slated to run unopposed, as they were the only ones to file petitions for a spot on the ballot prior to the Feb. 10 deadline, the village clerks said.

In Floral Park, the village would still accept petitions postmarked before 5 p.m. Tuesday, but the clerk said she has never received petitions after the deadline.

Four positions are up for election in Floral Park: mayor, village justice and two trustees.

Mayor Thomas Tweedy, Justice Douglas J. Hayden and Trustee Dominick Longobardi are running a joint campaign for re-election as members of the Floral Park Citizens Party.  

Additionally, Lynn Pombonyo, a trustee appointed mid term after former Mayor Kevin Greene stepped down, is running on the party ticket to be elected for the first time, according to the party’s website and the village clerk’s office.

In New Hyde Park, the two incumbent trustees up for re-election, Rick Coppola and Donna Squicciarino, are running unopposed as members of the Village party.

Trustees in New Hyde Park earn $8,500 per year, while in Floral Park trustees earn $5,000 per year and the mayor earns $10,000.

The elections will be held on Wednesday, March 18.

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