Saddle Rock to build new pool

Lisa Autz

Village of Saddle Rock trustees on Wednesday said they are seeking to construct a new pool that would cost about $800,000 and be based on neighboring public pools on the Great Neck peninsula.

“I have visited lots of pools, such as the one in Lake Success,” Village of Saddle Rock Mayor Dan Levy said. “I am currently working with the architect to create the bid documents.” 

Levy also said he was looking to construct a concession stand as part of the pool project, that would allow residents to order food or beverages while at the pool. 

“I have spoken with many residents who have voiced a need for some sort of canteen or food service near the pool,” Levy said. “The front of the storage area could have some food dispensary.”

But Deputy Mayor David Schwartz disagreed with Levy, saying that a concession stand was not a necessary part of the project because not enough people utilized the pool to make it cost effective. 

“The issue is that we don’t have enough people for it,” Schwartz said. “I would put the money into other things before that.”

Schwartz also asked “whose going to operate this kiosk.”

Trustee Kamaran Barelli sided with Levy, saying he has heard from village residents who said they wanted the concession stand to be built near the pool.

“[The parents] complain that after they bring the kids to the pool they have to dry them off and take them all the way back home for food,” Barelli said.  

Levy said the proposal for bids to construct the new pool would be completed next August.

In other developments:

• Levy said that road repaving in the village was about 90 percent complete, with the rest of the roads expected to be completed by October. 

But, Levy said, the repaved roads face a threat from large construction trucks in the village that are damaging the roads. 

He said he would look into charging contractors a fee that would go to a fund for the repair of village roads which are damaged by construction trucks.

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