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Ryan Cronin has spent his private-sector legal career representing a wide range of clients. Ryan has represented companies navigating the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic, fought to force the recall of a defective product that caused the injury and death of infants and protected victims of Bernard Madoff’s financial fraud.

In 2020, Ryan was named a “Super Lawyers Rising Star” and has been honored for his pro bono work representing the disabled.

In 2019, Ryan was named to the Board of Directors of Nassau University Medical Center, the leading provider of public healthcare to Nassau County’s underserved and underinsured communities.

Three biggest issues

The three biggest issues the Nassau comptroller can tackle are antiquated technology the office uses to pay contracts and produce reports, the disparity of MWBE participation in the County contracting process, and ensuring the county makes a full fiscal recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Addressing these problems starts with modernization.

As of now, the comptroller’s office doesn’t have the capability to produce Generally Accepted Accounting Principles reports, and as a result County employees at the Comptroller’s office have to use a great deal of time creating overlapping spreadsheets and reports just to the GAAP compliant.

In addition, the antiquated system means disbursing payments to county vendors can take months or even years. As a result, some businesses charge Nassau County extra to cover their long-term expenses, which is a hidden tax, and some businesses; many new MWBEs cannot even compete because they need payment fast.

In addition to bringing the comptroller’s office into 2021 on the technology front, I will also implement Nassau Fastpay – a system that will get vendors paid in days instead of months or years by using a third party vendor at no cost to the taxpayer.

As we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, it will be more essential than ever that every taxpayer dollar is used responsibly, and as comptroller, I will not hesitate to launch targeted audits if our systems show taxpayers aren’t getting a good return on their investment in the County.

Why Ryan Cronin should be Nassau’s next Comptroller

As a business litigator I am uniquely qualified to be Nassau County’s fiscal watchdog.

I plan to utilize the full power of the office to go after politicians, and contractors doing business with the county that does not meet the requirements, like paying a living wage to their employees.

I will audit any locality that we believe is misusing taxpayer money. I will use the full power of the office, including subpoena power to make sure every tax dollar Nassau spends is spent wisely.

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