Roslyn public schools reveal plans for renovations

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Roslyn Public Schools proposed a plan for field renovations and updates by John Longo, Senior associate of PBS Architects, with an estimated budget of $10 million. (Photo by Jessica Taylor)


Plans for playing field renovations and additions at the Roslyn public schools were presented at a Board of Education meeting on Thursday.

John Longo, senior associate with BBS Architects, outlined plans for Roslyn High School, Roslyn Middle School and East Hills School. “A lot of information has gone into this with different user groups, booster clubs, day camps, athletic associations, marching band, etc.” he said, calling it “a capital update” instead of a fixed plan. The estimated cost was $10 million.

Roslyn High School will get a resurfaced track with the removal and replacement of the existing synthetic turf. The school also will get an additional long jump runway, with inclusion of a steeplechase course.

Interjecting, board President Meryl Waxman Ben-Levy said, “I just want to highlight in the high school design we are accommodating pieces of track meets that before now we have not been able to be competitive in, which is being included in this design.”

The next plan presented was the varsity baseball field. Longo called it “the most dramatic,” with the idea of moving the field back to gain distance. Changing the elevation was also proposed for proper dugouts and elevated spectator seating due to the slope causing flooding issues. Capitalizing on the space in the outfield, the color guard, marching band  and others could use an all-weather surface.

The last addition to Roslyn High School will be in the tennis courts. Adding a seventh court will be the main feature, which will enable proper meets. Changing elevation and elevated spectator seating for both the home and opposing teams were also discussed.

At Roslyn Middle School, the multiuse field will get new turf, which will maximize play and lower the number of lost games. New bleachers, fences and a long jump runway are also being considered.

Superintendent Alison Brown and Waxman Ben-Levy both said that they are very mindful of the neighbors around the district with all the upcoming plans.

The primary focus at East Hills School is the conversion of a clay infield to all-weather turf for the varsity softball team. A drainage system, new covered dugouts and spectator seating are also included in this plan.

There is no set timeline for the projects.


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