Roslyn principal issues scathing letter following 100+ senior party

Rose Weldon
Roslyn High School Principal Scott Anderson called a senior party that took place without social distancing and with over 100 people in attendance "devastating and disrespectful." (Photo courtesy of Google Maps)

Following a party attended by over 100 young people in the Roslyn area, the principal of Roslyn High School has condemned the event as “devastating and disrespectful” in light of efforts to reopen the schools during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an email sent to parents on Aug. 21, Principal Scott Andrews said that he had been “made aware that a senior party, with an attendance of over one hundred students took place over the weekend at a residential home,” with pictures of the gathering “posted all over social media, showing teens gathered in large groups, not wearing masks, and sharing beverages.”

“As a result, my office has been inundated with calls, emails, and pictures from angry and worried students and parents,” Andrews said.

The principal said that Superintendent Allison Brown had also “been made aware of this behavior and is evaluating the circumstances as actions have consequences.”

“This is both devastating and disrespectful to each and every one of our administrators and teachers and staff who have done everything humanly possible to safely open our schools this fall,” Andrews said. “The district has spent a lot of time and money to pave the way for the return of our students, and events such as these jeopardize not just our schools but our entire community.”

He then said that if similar behavior were to occur throughout the year from the senior class, the district would suspend traditional events.

“If seniors continue to behave in the thoughtless manner that was brought to our attention this past weekend, they should expect to miss out on many of the milestones that come with senior year,” Andrews said. “Additionally, if a percentage of the community chooses not to practice social distancing protocols, all parents should expect school closings to be an inevitability.”

The Roslyn area has seen 510 cases of coronavirus in the 18 weeks since the virus first came to the area, according to totals collected by the Roslyn Landmark Society, with four new cases appearing in the week ending Aug. 25.

“We are ALL in this together,” Andrews wrote. “The way you conduct yourself in the world directly impacts others. The way you parent your child directly impacts our schools. I implore you to keep this in mind as we attempt to open our schools this week.”

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