Roslyn homecoming celebration not dampened by loss

Amelia Camurati
The Roslyn Marching Bulldogs kicked off Saturday with a parade from the front entrance of the high school around the block to the football field. (Photo by Amelia Camurati)

Roslyn was littered with people wearing blue and white Saturday to end a week of homecoming celebrations across the district.

The Roslyn Marching Bulldogs are expected to perform well at the state championships this weekend. (Photo by Amelia Camurati)

The Roslyn Marching Bulldogs, led by new director Frank Mauriello, kicked off the day with a homecoming parade before the Bulldogs took on Glen Cove at 2 p.m.

The marching band led students from around the district from the front entrance of Roslyn High School around the block to the football field.

The Marching Bulldogs have been on a winning streak in their competitions this year and are expected to do well at the New York State Field Band Conference Championships in Syracuse this weekend. The band has won first place in all four competitions this year.

Mauriello, who is in his first year at Roslyn, said he felt welcome and spirited during his first homecoming with the district.

“The homecoming parade was amazing celebration this past weekend. The support not only from the Roslyn school district, but from the entire community, was extremely prevalent on Saturday,” Mauriello said. “There was an outpouring of families that were photographing, videotaping and cheering on the band and it was evident how special it is to be part of such a great community.”

The band also performed its award-winning show, “Above the Clouds,” during halftime.

The Roslyn Bulldogs fell 30-8 to the Glen Cove Knights. (Photo courtesy of Roslyn school district)

The Roslyn football team, coached by Louis Buschi, faced  the Glen Cove Knights, both winless coming into the game. Despite the support from the more than 500 fans in the homecoming crowd, the Bulldogs fell 30-8 in their seventh game of the season.

“Although the Roslyn Bulldogs lost, it was an outstanding effort by all the players,” Buschi said.

Superintendent Allison Brown said: “Homecoming is a wonderful day because so many people come out to join the celebration — children, parents, staff and community members — and because it is a way for Roslyn to show its school and community spirit.

“We are very grateful for all of the parent-led groups that support a range of student activities, and for the police and fire departments for their perennial support and participation. Thanks to everyone who came out to cheer for our student-athletes and musicians, and for helping to make this beautiful homecoming weekend so memorable.”

(Photo courtesy of Roslyn school district)
(Photo courtesy of Roslyn school district)
(Photo courtesy of Roslyn school district)
(Photo courtesy of Roslyn school district)
(Photo courtesy of Roslyn school district)
(Photo courtesy of Roslyn school district)
(Photo courtesy of Roslyn school district)

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