Roslyn Harbor to erect new radar speed signs

Bill San Antonio

The Village of Roslyn Harbor is close to installing speed radar signs along Bryant Avenue in an attempt to curb speeding and accidents, officials said at the village’s board of trustees meeting Monday night.

Village Clerk Valerie Onorato said in a phone interview that former Village of Roslyn Harbor Mayor Yvette Edidin met with county officials last year about finding the ideal location for placing the signs, which are expected to be installed within the next few months.

Onorato also said the village is still in the process of selecting a radar sign and finding someone to install it.  

“We’ve gone around and around and now it’s all a matter of putting the pieces together and making it happen,” she said.

The village is also considering selling the tax lean on residents who have still not filed their village taxes to outside organizations who Onorato said are “far more aggressive in collecting.”

The sale, Onorato said, would go up for a bid in local newspaper ads, and that the village has the ability to publish the names and addresses of residents who have not paid their taxes, in addition to how much is owed. 

“It’s a shame in this neighborhood for people not to be paying their taxes,” she said. “It’s not that they don’t have the money.”

The board of trustees also announced plans to add garbage cans and extra parking stripes to the Roslyn Long Island Railroad station’s parking lot, Onorato said.

As a result of a $60,000 project to install additional street lights on Bryant Avenue, Onorato said, the board is looking to implement more lights in other parts of the village, and is also looking to repair gutters and replace curbs eroded from Hurricane Sandy with Belgian block stones.

The board also continued its discussion about possibly acquiring the Cedarmere property from the county, which Onorato said Village of Roslyn Harbor Mayor David Mandell has been interested in since he took office.

“It’s like that foster child we’re not able to adopt,” Onorato said. “We’d like to take an active part in trying to make it something better, but it belongs to Nassau County.” 

Onorato said Mandell has met with the Friends of Cedarmere, an organization devoted to restoring the grounds, and has reached out to county officials to gauge what kind of role the village could have in clean-up efforts.

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