Rimsky family donates $400K to Landmark

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The Rimsky family continues its support of the Port Washington theater named for the late Jeanne Rimsky. Pictured left to right: Eric Rimsky, Liza Rimsky, Cathy Rimsky, Lee Rimsky, Kate Rimsky Provost (Photo by Derek Moss)

The family of Jeanne Rimsky was recognized for their ongoing support of the Landmark on Main Street at the Oct. 3 concert by Lucy Kaplansky and Richard Shindell.

Landmark’s theater, which bears the Jeanne Rimsky name, has now been the subject of two major endowments by the family and its charitable foundation.

In 1995, a substantial donation from the Rimsky family, then residents of Port Washington, underwrote the renovation of the former Main Street School auditorium into a professional theater.

Since that time, the Jeanne Rimsky Theater has developed a solid reputation as an intimate concert venue with quality acoustics. As a result, the theater has attracted iconic performing artists like Mavis Staples, Graham Nash, Arlo Guthrie and the Indigo Girls.

At the same time, the theater has served the community as a home for recitals, meetings, fundraising events and amateur theater. It is in use 150+ days each year.

With this new donation, the Rimsky Family has reaffirmed their commitment to the theater. This is the largest single donation ever received by Landmark on Main Street, Inc, and it guarantees that the theater will carry the Jeanne Rimsky Theater name for decades to come.

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