Repaving project causing problems

Paul Ehbar

What was expected to be a positive for the residents receiving newly paved roads has become a negative at this point for those living east of Willis Avenue and north of Hillside Avenue. 

Stratford Avenue and Princeton Street reconstruction has been a major problem for both those living in the area and most significantly for those residents of these  streets. 

While a normal repaving project is expected to create inconvenience and hardship during the project, what has happened in the area mentioned, is outrageous. 

The village, through our engineers, village staff, village board and myself have worked tirelessly in attempt to get the remaining streets paved. The frustrations of residents are completely understandable and real. 

There has been daily ( sometimes hourly) contact with those responsible for completing this project. 

What has transpired is totaling unacceptable. 

The village board has discussed the issue at length and has been taking the steps necessary to resolve the problem  in order to get the streets in question paved. 

All residents need to be aware that this is the number one priority for the village. Personally I have been on these streets almost daily and have talked to a number of residents daily. 

While I am unable to present a timeline for completion, the village is taking every step possible to get the paving completed. 

On a positive note, summer is finally here bringing beautiful weather. The past harsh winter is a fading memory. 

The 2014 Roger Fay Williston pool season is underway.  

Pool Manager Keith Bosch along with assistant manager Patrick Duggan, Head life guard Katherine Carboine and head attendant Dylan Perro along with the rest of the staff are working extremely hard to help ensure a great experience for all those utilizing this great facility. Summer has just begun. 

For those who have not become members, consider signing up! There is no better place to be in the village on a warm/hot July and August day.

The village staff along with our Beautification committee ( headed by Gene McCarthy and Doreen Ehrbar ) have worked their magic throughout the Village to  create a fantastic visual experience all over the village. Anyone looking to join with the committee contact Doreen @ 516-747-8219.

On Aug. 5 the village will once again be part of the National Night Out program. Information regarding this event will be forthcoming.   

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