Relief Factor Review – Alternative Pain Relief Supplement

Several people experience more pain as they become older. This can be in chronic pain and joint pain, and in the form of arthritis. Thus, how do those people living with pain cope with life? However, several people experiencing chronic pain have shifted to the use of non-pharmaceutical remedies.  Because of pain’s nature and the addictive nature of narcotic painkillers, most people suffering from joint pain plus their caregivers decide that natural pain relief supplements are the best pain reliever alternatives. Chronic pain mainly contributes to disability, general suffering, economic burden, social isolation, etc. In worst cases, chronic pain is a risk factor that leads to premature death and cognitive decline. Relief Factor is a dietary supplement made using natural ingredients, and it assists our bodies in fighting inflammation. This supplement also helps in dealing with the causes of muscle pain and inflammation.  Moreover, this supplement is suitable for use by any person experiencing pain. Relief Factor is available in soft gel tablets and capsules form.

What Is Relief Factor? 

Since Relief Factor is from natural ingredients, this makes it suitable for use by everybody. However, it’s more helpful to people with joint and other age-related medical problems. This supplement helps in relieving inflammation and body discomfort not only in elderly people but also in those with fitness regimens or demanding occupations.

About The Brand

Chronic pain can prevent you from carrying out the things that bring joy to your life, including spending time with your friends. This has a significant effect on one’s general life quality and happiness. Chronic pain has forced people to seek expensive therapies, costly medications with severe side effects, complicated treatments, and even invasive surgeries.  This forced chiropractors, doctors, and other medical experts to collaborate to develop a drug-free supplement that will help decrease patients’ pain. After doing thorough research and trials for 15 years, they found four key ingredients that are effective and helped in making joint supplements. Moreover, apart from the Relief Factor for pain, this brand also makes Relief Factor for calm, energy, and sleep. This brand started back in 2015 in Washington. A father (Pete) and son (Seth Talbott) are the founders of this brand.  Moreover, some Pacific Northwest physicians assisted in carrying out extensive research when creating this product. Since it started, the brand has experienced tremendous growth, and they have helped thousands of patients eliminate their pain. You can always contact their customer support team if you have a query about the Relief Factor brand. To reach them, you can open a support request, a phone call, or through their social media pages. The primary purpose of developing Relief Factor quick start was to offer the best natural alternatives to millions of individuals that had no choice but to consume NSAIDs to relieve pain. Promedev is the company behind Relief Factor, and it is a subsidiary of Longevity Medical Clinic.


  • Helps in decreasing pain linked with our daily living
  • Protects joints from damages
  • Supports a healthy response to inflammation and reduces discomfort
  • Promotes healthy muscles and joints
  • Made with effective ingredients
  • It’s safe and clinically tested
  • Has no side effects
  • Increases production of nitric oxide, which supports tissue health and blood flow
  • Contains antioxidants that neutralize free radicals
  • Support healthy stress reaction and vascular health
  • Contains DHA and EPA Omega-3s
  • Improves the body’s immune response
  • Suitable as long-term relief
  • Suitable for relieving different pains, including muscle aches and joint pain relief
  • Comes with a 90-days guarantee


  • Available online only
  • The outcomes may differ from one person to the other
  • Slow outcomes for most users
  • It may have adverse side effects
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Relief Factor Ingredients

This supplement consists of four main ingredients which work together to offer suitable muscle and pain relief, the same as that offered by pharmaceutical medications. Moreover, the production facility highly depends on using the best quality and effective ingredients. The blend of the mixture is clinically established and has been tried over the last 15 years. The mixture helps in improving the capability to eliminate body aches and muscle discomfort.


This is one of the active ingredients available at Relief Factor. This compound comes from horny goat weed, a Chinese herb known for reducing inflammation and relieving pain for years. Icariin helps in dealing with therapeutic rheumatoid. The study also uncovered that icariin suppresses bone loss and prevents joint destruction. As a result, it is becoming popular as best joint supplements  In addition, this ingredient helps in increasing the production of nitric oxide. This helps in promoting blood flow and tissue health. Moreover, it also helps support the natural response to daily wear and tear since it affects the genetic expression of the powerful enzymes. Improvement of oxygen flow helps cells function properly and heal quickly, reducing long-term joint pain.


Turmeric compound is helpful in healing joints because it has curcumin concentration. It’s an element available at Relief Factor, which has the most anti-inflammatory capabilities of any compound.  Moreover, curcumin has a spectrum of pharmacological features like being an efficient therapy for treating pulmonary disease, diabetes, joint arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and cardiovascular illness. Curcumin phytosome improves bioavailability and absorption. Turmeric offers a natural plus healthy response to overexertion that causes discomfort. It also helps in supporting the balanced activities of numerous enzyme systems.


This supplement also contains a higher concentration of DHA and EPA omega 3s. This help promotes natural healing and supports the modulation of certain gene expressions linked with the typical pain response.  Moreover, omega-3 fatty acids also help reduce joint tenderness, morning stiffness, and joint swelling. Omega-3s are available in different foods, including fatty fish, chia seeds, and fish oil. However, several people take supplements since they don’t get more omega 3s from the meals they take. Moreover, omega-3 fatty acids are essential for the brain’s functioning and eyesight. In addition, consuming omega-3 helps decrease the inflammatory molecule numbers freed by one’s system.  Blood clots are also less likely to happen and help maintain a silky and clean lining to blood vessels. Other people consume omega-3 to reduce triglyceride concentrations, improve their psychological well-being, and raise their energy levels.

Resveratrol (Japanese Fleeceflower)

Resveratrol is another crucial ingredient in this supplement since it helps improve blood flow in all body parts. Moreover, it also promotes blood vessel functionality and helps eliminate joint discomfort. The anti-inflammatory properties in resveratrol make the Pain relief supplements very important. Resveratrol improves the longevity enzyme actions by supporting healthy cell proliferation.

Does Relief Factor Actually Work?

Relief Factor dietary supplement helps in alleviating joint pain and decreasing inflammation. Plus, such supplements are considered one of the best fruit & vegetable supplements on the market This is achieved through the help of natural antioxidant compounds and anti-inflammatory since the underlying inflammation results in muscle and joint pain.  The ingredient used is effective and will benefit those who need to eliminate chronic pain. The supplement’s efficacy is partially due to testing done by health professionals who aim to create a natural alternative to eliminate inflammation and joint pain. Moreover, these pain relievers offer the best alternative to over-the-counter pain treatments that can cause harm to the kidneys and the liver. The product helps in restoring the body’s capability to guard itself long after your body has stopped making inflammation-fighting agents. However, this supplement doesn’t operate overnight to offer you the healing benefits but operates long-term. You need patience for at least five weeks for this product to operate well because it needs time to coordinate with your system.

Three-Weeks Outcomes

Several individuals don’t see any results after taking this supplement for about three weeks. However, some individuals report joint pain and inflammation relief after taking this three week supply of this supplement for about two weeks.

One-Month Outcomes

At one month, one is more likely to recognize improved mobility and pain relief at this point. You’ll have less painful episodes and other individuals who consume these supplements will begin to see some slight improvement in their bodies.

Two-Month Effects

At this point, most individuals will experience an almost complete eradication of joint pain and inflammation when a Relief Factor works effectively. After seeing some improvement, you shouldn’t stop consuming the supplement because the ingredients will decrease in the body, and as a result, joint pain might return.

Three-Month Results

You should have complete relief from inflammation, pain, and discomfort after taking this supplement continuously for about 3 months. Several people will have more agile joints and improved mobility, which offers them a chance to enjoy life more.

Health Benefits Of Relief Factor Supplement

Several people across the globe suffer from pains and aches, which are caused by aging and arthritis. These people will get some relief from the difficulties they are experiencing with the help of the Relief Factor, a natural remedy.

Natural Healing

As we get older, we take a longer time to heal, unlike when we were young. Consuming a diet supplement is one way to improve your body’s immune reaction. The relief Factor offers an excellent blend of constituents to maintain your body’s health.


Relief Factor ingredients are free from chemicals, drugs, and harmful preservatives that alter your food taste.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Improved blood flow is essential in keeping one’s body healthy, although it declines as we age. Relief Factor has turmeric as one of the ingredients, which helps boost the blood flow to all body organs, keeping them healthy.

Addresses Arthritis

The Relief Factor is more suitable for eliminating the pain associated with arthritis and other conditions. For instance, if you are seeking arthritis treatment and the doctor has advised you not to consume other supplements, Relief Factor is here to help in addressing arthritis and reducing inflammation and joint pain.

Improvement In Brain Functioning

Omega-3 (fish oil) is another important constituent of the Relief Factor. This ingredient is responsible for eradicating inflammation. Moreover, botanical fish oil is also best in boosting the brain. With constant use of the Relief Factor, you will see a tremendous improvement in your brain functioning in less than three months. Apart from that, the Relief Factor ingredients have other additional consumer benefits. These include;
  • Improves the body’s healing process and natural response
  • Helps in dealing with inflammation very effectively
  • Helps to eliminate gout symptoms with time
  • Promotes one’s heart’s condition
  • Improves one’s immunity and general well-being
  • Made with all-natural ingredients
  • Assist in relief of unbearable persistent the lower back pain
  • Helps in promoting the development of stronger muscles and joints
The Relief Factor’s goal is to operate with your body to promote its natural healing procedure. This is by activating the four metabolic pathways which address inflammation and pain brought by aging, day-to-day activities, exercise, etc. Furthermore, the product is made to assist in healing tissue damage and decreasing inflammation, which helps reduce or eliminate your pain.

Potential Side Effects

The Relief Factor is from natural ingredients that are tested for safety. Thus, you will have little or no side effects at all. The product has been in the market for years but hasn’t recorded adverse side effects. If you experience any side effects, it will be in a calm state and, after some time, vanish since your body will have adapted. These mild potential side effects include allergic reactions, loose stool, dizziness, dry mouth, diverticulosis, rashes, and nosebleeds. Loose stool is rare, but users who experience this complication have issues with Omega-3 fatty acids. To reduce the effects of fish oil, you should take this supplement with meals. Other conditions consumers may get are due to changing to Relief Factor products, and not every person will be immune to this supplement. These side effects are rare, but they can happen. Moreover, you need to take the supplement according to the recommended daily intake by the manufacturer. Also, remember that the FDA doesn’t regulate this supplement. As you consider the Relief Factor, other things to have in mind are its non-vegan and trace of soy elements. Moreover, Relief Factor’s ingredients aren’t approved as organic. Therefore, one can get traces of herbicide/pesticide used during production. You will also be glad to understand that there are no red flags when you search this brand on the Consumer Reports website or the Better Business Bureau.

Who Should Avoid Relief Factor?

If, when you consume this supplement, you experience any of the symptoms mentioned earlier with no sign of ending, you should stop consuming the product and seek medical advice. Pregnant and lactating moms should also see their doctors before using the supplement. Additionally, if under any medical condition or medication, it’s also advisable that you seek advice from a health professional before taking the relief joint supplement. People that are using blood thinners need to seek out medical advice before they start this treatment. These are some of the ingredients which improve a healthy blood flow. Therefore, this can lead to undesirable interactions with the circulatory system. Always consult your doctor before taking any new supplement since the supplements may affect your prescribed medications. One of the consumers found this dietary supplement unsuitable for people with a gout history.

Dosage And Tips On Taking Relief Factor

This supplement comes in packets. You will have two capsules in a single packet and two soft gels in a different packet. The recommended intake differs between people, depending on their health.  To get the anticipated results, you need to take the recommended dosage, two capsules per day. Moreover, you need to take the product with more water and meals. You can consume these two capsules in two different servings or as a single serving. Always feel free to decrease your daily intake when the pain has reduced. To start your consumption, follow the guidelines in your Quickstart kit for 3-Week or the monthly supply. Moreover, remember that the supplement should be consumed daily and sustained in one’s body for some time before you start seeing results.

Where To Buy Relief Factor?

This product is available online at the Relief Factor’s website for purchase. For people that need to take the Relief Factor ingredients, it’s available in three distinct options. Each of the options contains its price point.  Knowing the cost of a product and other elements can impact the decision you make in the end. You can select from a quick start pack which offers a supply of three weeks. Moreover, you can select a subscription-based monthly supply or a single order. A subscription-based package includes supplements worth 30 days. If the supplement will not satisfy your needs or you do not experience pain relief benefits as explained, the brand gives a refund policy of 90 days. However, the return is accepted if the package isn’t opened. When signing up, you may have other special offers and deals, thus be sure you check out as well. Moreover, Relief Factor is open about the subscription plans and pricing. Therefore, you will be sure of what you will get before you commit yourself. You need to contact the brand and submit the request to cancel or restart your subscription. The response will take about 24 hours, so don’t cancel on the day the order is processed. Ordering this supplement at their official site is simple and intuitive. All you have to do is log in to your account and choose the deal. Moreover, one can also make an order through a call. The brand pushes clients to opt for a Best Deal or Subscribe and Save plan instead of making single purchases.  However, if it’s your choice, you can also purchase a one-month supply. However, a subscription makes the most sense when dealing with a supplement that needs ongoing consumption for its effectiveness. Relief Factor supplements are shipped to any place in the U.S.

Relief Factor Reviews: What Do Users Say?

Most consumers are glad that this product helps in relieving muscle soreness. Nonetheless, the brand doesn’t have much of its online presence outside its site and Better Business Bureau page. Presently, the supplement has over 83 reviews on BBB and a rating of about 1.54 out of the possible 5. As you make an order from this brand’s website, it maintains your order details for its records. Furthermore, they use cookies plus other technologies for directed advertising. A customer is free to contact user support to summarize her details or delete the information.

Is Relief Factor Supplement Legit?

The Relief Factor ought to have the best effects based on its composition. The supplement has a natural ingredient that will help relieve arthritis and joint pain. The brand is offering a free pint in exchange for only shipping costs making it a common way to get customers to sign up for some regular daily living of a month’s supply.  Moreover, customers have no significant issues or concerns about the product. This makes it worthy and legit, hence people can comfortably use it as a remedy for joint pain relief. Furthermore, testimonials from genuine customers claim that the supplement worked for them. Moreover, the product has a rating of 1.54 on the Better Business Bureau.

Is Relief Factor A Good Value?

One can buy some ingredients available in Relief Factor for considerably less than purchasing Relief Factor. However, it would need more effort and time than several individuals would be interested in. For example, turmeric is everywhere in grocery stores. However, tracking the appropriate dosage of Epimedium makes it a more challenging task. Moreover, numerous competitors in the market offer the same products at a cheaper cost. However, we found that the benefits of the Relief Factor justified the extra cost. These benefits include detailed and transparent ingredient information, fewer side effects, and a list of ingredients backed by clinical evidence.

FAQs On Relief Factor

Is Relief Factor Dietary Supplement Credible?

Dietary supplements are a bit tricky when figured out. Beginners will not operate the same for every person, even though they are the same product tested. The outcomes might not be broad-based like that of pharmaceutical medications and other treatments. After doing your research, you will get to know that the relief joint supplement is credible. For beginners, Relief Factor reviews are more. Thus, it’s going to be known to some degree. A quick Internet search will help you know what others customers have experienced and if a third party approves that the supplement is valuable.  The brand which makes this product is legit. Their processing methods are effective and they use scientific research to assist in formulating a perfect blend of the Relief Factor with the best results. There’s no guarantee that this product will offer similar outcomes to every person. Therefore, this product is not a scam or another snake oil supplement. Promedev LLC, based in Kirkland, manufactures Relief Factor. A radio show host, Michael Medved, pushes relief joint supplements when on his shows, making it more widespread. Moreover, the radio host also states he uses this supplement to relieve pain.

Is Relief Factor Suitable For Arthritis, And Can It Be Used Together With Blood Thinners?

The relief Factor has more powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients that are efficient in treating arthritis. The product has several positive reviews from happy customers who get the supplement to be more effective in treating arthritis. Is the Relief Factor supplement secure for a person consuming Eliquis blood thinner? People taking blood thinners need to consult their doctor before they start the Relief Factor dosage. There are ingredients available in this formula and it can raise your blood flow, resulting in unwanted interactions with your blood system. Nevertheless, always consult a doctor for personalized guidance on how you should use the Relief Factor supplement.

Is Relief Factor Able To Wean Off Morphine Sulfate, And Does It Have Any Adverse Side Effects?

The Relief Factor contains fish oil and botanical elements which helps one’s body eliminate pains and aches effectively. Moreover, the Relief Factor doesn’t affect morphine sulfate. However, if you have to consume morphine for a longer time, then your body may build resistance to it.  To control this pain, you need greater dosages. You should ask a physician if you are disturbed about your addiction or when you would like to understand further about avoiding withdrawal signs. On the side effects, if you’re intolerant to fish oil or soy, this supplement could trigger some reaction. Individuals that have delicate stomachs can consume fish oil with meals to avoid stomach distress. In addition, this supplement can induce bleeding in individuals with blood coagulation abnormalities. Nosebleeds, drowsiness, and loose stools are rare adverse reactions. Always seek medical advice before you start any new supplement or medication.

What’s A Relief Factor?

This narcotic-free and synthetic pain relief supplement relieves muscle and joint pain from physical activity and aging. Due to this pain, several individuals’ starts to eliminate other activities from their schedule. This leads to more complications later, the reason being the body becomes dormant and doesn’t get its care.  Several pain relief options which fall to an all-natural group aren’t persuasive enough for some substantial results. This has forced several individuals to use dangerous chemical substances produced by a pharmaceutical brand which are habit-forming and can lead to liver damage. The ingredients used in manufacturing this supplement also help in boosting the immune system. So far, there are no reported adverse reactions or risks associated with this supplement hence it’s safe. The ingredients available in this supplement are helpful as in several other supplements for pain and inflammation.  These ingredients include Japanese Fleeceflower, which offers resveratrol with antioxidant properties. This promotes blood circulation and reduces inflammation. Omega 3 is another ingredient used; it helps reduce pain created by inflammation and improves joint health. Epimedium helps with inflammation, and it’s a pain reliever for arthritis. Turmeric is an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. It’s better at relieving pain linked to arthritis than most prescription medications.

Conclusion: How Legit Is Relief Factor?

The Relief Factor dietary supplement helps in reducing pain linked with aging, exercise, and our everyday activities. This fish oil-based supplement is purely from natural ingredients that are effective and safe.  Moreover, the natural ingredients help in relieving joint and muscle pain. In addition, by targeting the cause of the problem and the area, this product can eliminate pain from the source. Medical experts made a Relief Factor to help eliminate inflammation. With many other supplements available on the market, this product is outstanding with its uniqueness of being all-natural. Several customers also like this dietary supplement since it’s effective and it has improved their life quality by eliminating chronic joint pain. A customer always has a responsibility to choose goods that are real and marketed in an ethical manner. In addition, the Relief Factor is the best quality and most effective product. From a scientific standpoint, this supplement has all the right ingredients to do its work.  Moreover, this brand offers a money-back guarantee if the products won’t meet your requirements. Thus, this makes it best to try when searching for joint pain relief. Always when on Relief Factor review remember to have a look at the ingredients available in any dietary supplements for you to know what you are putting in your body. Some individuals who don’t see any positive outcomes should consider using the Relief Factor. The product is effective for several people, and just like with another supplement, you’ll need to make a trial to see if it is helpful for you.  Moreover, always seek medical advice before taking any OTC medications or supplements for your safety. This supplement is integrated to assist one’s body to reduce emanating from everyday lifestyle exercise and aging. Thus, it also addresses nerve pain.

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