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Attention Ben Elihu, Leon Ebrani, and Eli Hematian:

After reading your letters that appeared in the Great Neck News last week, I feel compelled to respond and divulge information that many who are connected with the Great Neck Public Schools and/or who are in my circle of friends have known for a great number of years.

I receive absentee ballot status for medical reasons, and it is my choice whether to vote in person or by absentee ballot. My oncologist feels that I should have the ability to make this decision as, periodically, my chemo injections fall on a Tuesday, and it’s not advisable to be in close proximity to so many people, especially with those who choose to go maskless and/or not be vaccinated, as is their right.

I make neither a secret of this nor would I have expected to disclose it in a newspaper, but I felt I had no choice as you continue to seek ways to remove me from my position as a Board of Education trustee.

The time has come to accept the victorious result of the community-wide school vote, held in May, affirming my re-election to a three-year seat on the Great Neck Board of Education.

While I doubt that you will apologize to me about the attempt to defame me, I request that you cease your unwarranted attack on my character and integrity.

Thank you.

Barbara Berkowitz
Great Neck

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