Readers Write: There are old white men (and women) in both parties

The Island Now

While older white men tend to be in the GOP and are in power, the average age of the entire Congress is around 60. I’d like to point out that Pelosi is 78, Warren is 69, Waters is 80 and Feinstein being 85.

If Biden chooses to run in 2020, he’ll be 78. The darling liberal on the Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is 85 years of age. This will change and evolve as more younger people run and are elected in either party whether white, black, Latino, Native American or LGBTQ.

Age is really not the issue, but rather what they stand for.

I’d rather have an 80-year-old seasoned, knowledgeable MD or GOP congressperson or senator represent me than a liberal neophyte who seems to know very little about the United States, economics and life in general.

The U.S. Constitution was designed by the old white men of their time — average age around 44 — who envisioned the possible excesses of government and designed a system of checks and balances that allows all to participate in the democratic process.

This made America great and continues to do so.

Victor Oliveri

Williston Park

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