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Re: “Republican NYC Comptroller Candidate Daby Carreras,” Larry Penner.
The author cites enrollment statistics for New York City. The statistics are 100% accurate. But the date is 100% incorrect; the statistics are from February, 2021. Apparently the author was in such a hurry to send this opinion piece to as many publications as possible he forgot to change the date on the Word document he stores in his computer.
The author also made a mistake with the first name of every municipal candidate. It is “Eric” Adams, not “Erik,” “Brad” Lander, not “Bruce,” and “Jumaane” Williams, not “Jumanne.”
Right before the author cites enrollment statistics, he states how money is the “mother’s milk” of politics. I agree. The inference is that because Democrats far outnumber Republicans in the city, a Republican cannot raise money. I disagree.

According to the state Board of Elections website, Lee Zeldin, the Long Island Congressman and presumptive Republican candidate for Governor next year, has raised well in excess of $3 million.

Also, if the author was so concerned about fairness of representation in city government (as opposed to seeing his name in print), he would name not only all the Republican candidates but all the candidates period.

They are too numerous to mention, but I urge my neighbors one borough/county over in Queens to go to the website “ballotpedia,” which names all the candidates. Nine for Mayor, four for Comptroller, five for Public Advocate. You have a choice other than Democrats. How you vote is your business, not mine.

In addition, instead of simply stating the problem (which anyone can do), why doesn’t the author propose a solution or become involved in the process. I was just elected to the executive board of my political party (not the Democrats).

I’ve been discussing with the chair borough-wide letter writing to all enrolled members. I’m not deluding myself into believing I’m setting the political world on fire. I am doing something aside from sitting at my keyboard, engaging in the bulk submission of opinion pieces that are not concerned about quality or details.

Nat Weiner


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