Readers Write: We Decide New York does not speak for me

The Island Now

This is in response to the op-ed written by “We Decide New York,” 8/10/2021.
A quick Internet check reveals that this organization does not appear to have a website. A website would be very helpful in understanding what general principles, goals, etc. this organization espouses.

The group does have a Facebook page, and one of the photos has a picture of Cuomo embracing an unidentified woman. It has a link on the Facebook page to a store which is selling t-shirts with the stated purpose of raising money for the organization.

Several of the t-shirts state “Ciao Bella,” or “hello beautiful woman.” We Decide New York is entitled to freedom of speech and expression. But considering what Cuomo is accused of, I find the photo and the t-shirts utterly bizarre.

Moving on to Governor Cuomo, I couldn’t agree more that Andrew Cuomo is entitled to a presumption of innocence. But the fact of the matter is it simply would not be possible for Andrew Cuomo to effectively govern under the circumstances.

As far as Andrew Cuomo being removed from office without a trial, this is the law. If you don’t like the law, change it.

As far as New York State’s economy collapsing without Andrew Cuomo, this is utterly ludicrous. John Kennedy was assassinated. Lyndon Johnson carried out much of the “New Frontier.” Richard Nixon resigned the Presidency. The country did not collapse. Eliot Spitzer – who whatever issues he may have had stood up for the “common man” – resigned. New York State went on. This notion that only one man (or woman) can lead this state is preposterous.

Please do not say the voters of the state want Andrew Cuomo to remain in office. You do not speak for me. I have not seen any evidence of him harassing women, and therefore it is untrue until proven otherwise.

If you would like to say perhaps the impeachment process is unfair, it’s debatable if not valid point. The bigger disaster would have been if Cuomo had remained in office and drawn a costly and lengthy impeachment.

I was fearful and anxious about New York State before and during Andrew Cuomo’s term in office. I will be fearful and anxious after.

Nat Weiner

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