Readers Write: Trump! Love and the coronavirus

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I love Donald Trump. Who else besides him can say that. He saved 2 million lives because of his quick response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Factually, the news of his quick actions spread across the world and because of him, the number saved exceeded 20 million or perhaps even 200 hundred million.

Places as far away as Mars lauded his action. Or is it the other way around. We all know that Trump has magical powers. Hopefully, he’ll soon make himself disappear. If he doesn’t do it, we should do it. It’s a matter of health, for our country.

With the coronavirus now under control, Trump is pushing for school openings, so that children of all ages can return to school and parents can return to work. He also wants parents to sign a disclaimer which means that if they or any of their children contract the disease, the government will not be liable.

For Trump’s efforts, that’s the least parents can do.

To show his empathy, he has proposed that if any child succumbs to that disease, the government will take it upon themselves to cover the costs of all funeral arrangements. However, it should be noted that this is a limited time offer. It’s good until the president decides that it is not.

Additionally, this offer shall be limited to only one child per family. Praise the Lord and pass the vaccine.

Let’s move on to the upheaval that’s taking place in Portland, Ore.

Protesters are destroying the city. Trump was right to bring in his personal soldiers to not only calm down the situation but to also attack the enemy protesters and send them back to where they belong.

Since when do citizens have the right to protest? As a ploy, the protesters brought a contingent of mothers or moms in to protect them as if they were little babies. Little did the soldiers know until it was almost too late that these “Wall of Moms” had as weapons sharp needles that were hidden in their ammunition sewing baskets.

You and I know that these needle pricks can really hurt and do a great deal of damage. A little tear gas straightened out these mothers. Let’s hear it for this five-star decision-maker, General Donald Trump, the same individual who served his country in uniform for, I just can’t remember, how many years?

So many things on his plate, yet he even had the time to take a test.

I think that test was summarized in the final book of a series titled “Cognitive Test for Dummies.” It’s funny. I don’t recall noticing anyone close to him whose lips move when Trump is talking. They’re really professional. That’s Entertainment!

As for the election, that’s a sure thing. With Trump smartly putting up so many safeguards, to ensure that voting is fair, his own vote will be the deciding one in his victory that will end up as one vote to none in his favor.

This method will certainly make his friend Putin proud. Did you know how the Russians honor their great historical figures?

In the basement of the Kremlin is a Wall of Tribute with plaques that feature such dignitaries as Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Krushchev, Putin and the latest entry, Trump.

To make the Trump name more Russian sounding, they added an s-k-y, thus renaming him Trumpsky.

According to Trump, now that the coronavirus is over, he wants to focus on the major problem of the day; how to increase the ratings of the reruns of “The Apprentice,” the greatest television show of all time?

Can anyone argue with that? No way, for we all know that it’s impossible to win an argument with our great leader, one who knows it all. After all, he is a know-it-all.

Trump in his heart believes that the coronavirus pandemic is over. He prefers not to wear a mask. “Take off your masks,” he implores us to do.

That’s right. No need. Stand close to each other. Take a deep breath. Exhale. Share and share-alike. Trump loves all of us who live in our great country. Believe me, this is truly a love story. God help us.

Alvin H. Goldberg

Great Neck

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