Readers Write: Trump increases taxes just as he promised

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Dr. Sobel neglected to include in the list of Trump’s promises kept, that Trump has raised taxes just as he promised. Tariffs are just taxes on imported goods, paid by Americans. And these taxes are unconstitutional.

I have heard all the excuses from Trump and his supporters on this before.

 They say that tariffs aren’t really taxes. I say mandatory payments to the government are taxes by definition. 

 They say that the Chinese pay the taxes. I can show them the bills charged by the customs service, which I pass on as fast as I can to my customers. 

They say that tariffs help American workers. This is doubly absurd for when you pay more for higher price goods, you have less money to buy other things, and when you buy from China, the Chinese use that money to buy Americans goods and invest in American assets.

They say that tariffs are a negotiating tactic, I am not sure how hurting Americans will make the Chinese negotiate. The idea that Trump can intimidate a country with a larger economy than ours is absurd.

 They say the Trump has the legal right to raise tariffs. But the Constitution states “The Congress shall have power: To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises. At no point in the constitution does it give Congress the right to delegate this authority.

So, Dr. Sobel our president has raised taxes just he promised. He did sign a bill which reduced income tax rates for a time, but then increases them later, so I can hardly count that as a tax cut. Nor can I count the increased tax subsidies as actual tax cuts. 

If a Democratic president were doing these things, I assume you would be angry, Dr. Sobel. Where is your anger now?

Roger Cooper


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